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Hi! Just got my learners!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BlueLude, May 7, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone. I signed up a while ago but I just got my learners today. I screwed up the first time so I had to take a retest :p

    Still weighing up whether I should get a new car or a new bike, but I'm leaning towards a VTR250 to park next to my other Honda :D
  2. Congrats :D :D

    Happy and safe riding

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. Is this a trick question? You are asking a bike forum to help you choose between a cage and a bike :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Even after a few sherbets tonight I'd suggest you probably should get a bike. If you need some help choosing one and how to maintain it I suggest you read this topic

  4. Hey BlueLude,
    the VTR250 is a great bike, i've got one and i'd pick it again over any four stroke 250. When you do get your bike, we're starting up a new Q & A and general chat about VTR250s in particular. It's at http://vtr250.proboards19.com/index.cgi register first.
    I'm based in Melbourne and we'll probably organise some rideouts soon :D
  5. Welcome BlueLude - go the bike my friend!! :) Good Choice too - Honda's Rock :D
  6. congrats to you.

    the only regret i have is not getting my bike sooner :)
  7. Congrats!

    Where did you get your learners?
    I did the 1st day of the 2 day HART course yesterday and there were a couple of people resitting the test in the afternoon. Was one of them you? :)
    I was out at Kilsyth.

    Gotta dash for the start of my 2nd day! Wooo Hoooo. Loving it.

    PS. I want a VTR too :D
  8. Congrates on the learners, why not get both a bike and car.
    Take it easy for the first couple of weeks on your learners, best not too venture into traffic.

    VTR250 is good choice, I luv mine.
  9. Congrats BlueLude and welcome to the mad world of NetRider :)

  10. Congrats BlueLude.

    :D :D
  11. Yeah one of 'em was me. I'm like Zoolander, I can't turn left :LOL:

  12. Another one! Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats BlueLude.
  14. Gday and welcome

    Cheer 8)
  15. Welcome BlueLude test ride the CB 250 Night Hawk b4 ya buy a VTR as I found they didn't they handle the wind as well as my Bond inspite of a 7kg heavier dry weight!
  16. welcome BlueLude..
  17. YAY another yellow tail, congrats. defintalely need to go the bike, there's no two questions about it. :D :D
    Apart from where your commuting to and from and also leave yourself plenty of time to get used to surbia streets before hitting the highways. Like i really have the advice to give :shock: , but learn at your own pace....
  18. Not trying to be a smartass, but where are you supposed to ride if you can't venture into traffic? Are you talking cbd traffic or what? I'm going for my learners next week, and was planning to start riding to work immediately. I won't be heading into the city, but along the freeway, stuff like that.
  19. If you haven't ridden before it's best to practice getting used to the basic stuff like taking off smoothly from a standing start and changing up and down gears and braking (and then doing it all at the same time !!) without having the additional pressure of having to negotiate heavy traffic as well. Best to buzz around some quiet backstreets for a few hours until you have confidence in the basics.
  20. Yeah, quiet back streets would be best.
    Thats what I am planning to do.