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Hi, just a quick G'day

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZX14Rob, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Introducing myself as a new member, so Hi :)

    Keen to trawl through the forums, looking to replace my zx14 with something a little more comfortable without feeling I've lost too much in the power dept. Looking for members opinions on their particular bikes that may interest me, and help me in making an informed decision....eventually :)


  2. Welcome aboard Rob :]
  3. Welcome Rob, I suppose the first question is what kind of riding do you do?
  4. Welcome ZX14RobZX14Rob swap ya ..yours for my ninja 300 ;) fair trade and no loss in the power department :whistle:
  5. Thanks for the welcomes guys

    Riding style for me is usually moderate but I do enjoy getting the knee down, getting older and perhaps by default more cautious. Have been riding for years but my bikes have been predominately large bore japs. Took a couple of Beemas for a spin a few weeks ago and the jury is still out. I was already prejudiced and was expecting a lot more, thus I'm thinking it would be good to have some opinions from owners rather than salesmen and maybe have another go?!?!?

    Cheers for getting me started, might have a read and check out the forums so I don't go OT and start the wrong way :)
  6. Getting in early...never know yr luck lol
  7. Welcome to NR..

    There are a few beemer owners here as well.
  8. I'm into my early 40's and I have a Multistrada which could be an option for you. It's as comfortable as any bike I have ever ridden and goes into 'sport' mode at the twist of your wrist. Very, very fast indeed. A skilled rider should be able to get their knee down too......
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  9. Check the new S1000XR from BMW. It is going to be a legend.
    Not keen on the sister ship GTR??

    Want luxury, handling, gizmos and power and comfort?


    Don't let the look of it fool you..it fools many (^^^)
  10. G'day and welcome, RobRob.
  11. Again, thanks for the welcomes and replies. Beemas not off the radar yet and haven't ridden a new Duc in many years, I do like the 'strada and the KTM adventurers as well. Need to try them all :)
  12. That's the best part about bike hunting...try them all. :p
  13. G'day and welcome aboard, ZX14RobZX14Rob, and have fun with your search.

    I've always been a big fan of BMW sports tourers. If the K1600 is a bit too imposing, maybe the K1300S? Not too much of a jump from your ZX14, but trading a bit of pace for a touch more comfort.