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Hi, I've just got my L's!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Starfire, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone!! I'm Starfire. I've finally gotten my L's after wanting them since I was eight when I stole a ride on Dad's bike and had it fall on me. :wink:

    I'm very excited about getting a bike but I just have to figure out what I want. We don't get a huge choice but there's still too many for me! I'm short so I really need something that I can reach the ground with!

    I'm also very excited about buying some gear! Does anyone know of somewhere good that's in Sydney?

    Nice to meet you all! :grin:

  2. all depends on what style of bike you want i guess?

    In regards to gear, I'm in the hills district too and have found MAW in castle hill to be very very helpful in terms of newbie advice and pricing. They have discounts for learners and dont mind explaining things to you.

    www.maw.com.au The website sucks but check the store out on a saturday or something :)
  3. Hi Starfire,

    I'm a newbie here as well. Got my L's about 3 months ago and am loving it! Only regret is that I waited so long.

    I live in Castle Hill and got my bike and gear from Bikebiz in Parramatta - I found them to be really helpful and took their time explaining everything to me. I got a Honda VTR 250 and I find it a great bike to ride...not sure if its too tall for you though. Its pretty light, and has a nice little torquey engine and is pretty forgiving.

    Just make sure you don't skimp on your safety gear. At Bikebiz they have this starter pack that looks tempting but I'm sceptical of the quality of the gear. I ended up speding about $1200 on my safety gear (helmet, gloves, jacket with back protector, boots and Draggin' Jeans)

    Thanks for the info about MAW polowski....will have to check them out this Saturday.
  4. hills district...representin!! haha
  5. Hey Starfire,

    Looks like theres more and more of us learners out this way.

    I'll let more experienced people talk about bike advice... what I've experienced in the stores though:

    1. MAW at Castle Hill. Willing to spend the time with you and help. Willing to get stuff in just for you to try if they dont have the size for you without obligation. I got gloves and a variety of smaller things here.

    2. MCAS Parra. Good help too though much busier so takes a while before they can get to you. Lots and lots of RJays stuff with Dririder, Alpinestars and some other bits thrown in but generally a decent range. Lots o helmets. Got most of my stuff there (jacket, trousers & helmet).

    3. BikeBiz Parra. Mmm, help I got was reasonable and friendly but didnt seem really knowledgable. Got my boots there.

    Oh and its a lot easier to park a cage at MAW than in Parra :-k

    Cheers, Chris
  6. Hey Starfire welcome to the madhouse
    I'm assuming you haven't bought the bike yet, if so ask what sort of deal on the gear the bike shops will offer you if you buy a bike from them or if you buy your bike private get a price on gear from one and see if the others will better it, the worst they can say is no and take some one with you to keep it real because it's easy to see all this bright new shiny stuff and blow the budget even for people who have been riding for a while
  7. Thanx, everyone. You know, I've lived in the Hills all my life and I go heaps of places in Victoria Road and have never seen MAW! I'll definitely go and check it out.

    No, I don't have a bike yet. Still looking to see what will fit me coz I'm quite short. I did my L's on a CB250 but I'm looking at maybe a ZZR. They seem to be about the same height. But any other suggestions would be great! :)
  8. Similar thing with me as well starfire, I've spent the better part of my life in the Hills area and frequent Victoria Ave but never knew about MAW. Checked out their website which is less than impressive (as has been mentioned) but am keen to check out their actual store.

    Have you tried a Honda VTR250? I found them much better (i.e. lighter and better looking!) than the CB250s that they use for the Ls training.
  9. yeah trust me the website is rubbish but they have been awesome with me and my noob questions, really took time to explain and chat about things.
  10. I was in MAW and I've got my gear. I picked up a fantastic leather jacket and I can't wait to wear it! Still waiting on that bike....

    By the way, the guys at MAW said they're having a sale next week. Everything is 15% off. You were right, OzYoda, they were lovely there and very willing to talk us through our purchases. And I got my discount :)
  11. good to hear they looked after you also :)