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hi, its me!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by davo231481, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. hi all. been riding for a while with a long break in between. spent last two years restoing a 82 gpz 550- its half the size of the zir mk1 i owned back in the day but still a lot of fun. Im situated down here at sunny cooma.
    see yas on the road hopefully. :)

  2. Welcome to Netrider, and back to the roads. I'm guessing that your location might have something to do with the past curtailing of your riding?
  3. Welcome, Davo! I am new around here too but am finding it to be an excellent forum. Cooma, eh? Best ride I EVER did was Canberra to Melbourne via the Snowy Mountains. I did it on a Z250C and by the time I hit Glenrowan my kidneys were sore and my accelerator cable was hanging on by a thread, LOL. Good times.
  4. not really it was actually family and work commmittments with a bit of study thrown in. a few of us went for a blast on the recent long weekend down to the coast via bombala. black ice is becoming an issue at the moment but all riding will now be in a northerly direction until spring.
  5. Hi and welcome to Netrider Davo. A dozen or so of us keen to ride the High Country again are headed up through Cooma in november, perhaps we'll cross paths.
  6. Hi Davo, welcome to NR. Rode around your lovely area last October, hope to get up there again later this year, nice riding :)
  7. its a great time to ride the high country. drop us a pm when ur heading down.
  8. Can do Davo(y)
  9. the old z mustve been buzzing in the twisty bits ;)
  10. It was totally fun through the twisties! Ah, good times :)