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Hi, Im senoseno...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by senoseno, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hi Riders,

    I just got my L's and I have been riding my brothers VTR250 for the last month as I am still looking around. It's nice bike all round to start off with but I am already feeling a little bored as I need a little bit more grunt. Thinking of CBR250 or just using my brother bike till I get my P's.

    Contemplating getting an Yamaha FZ6 once I get my P's.

    I hope to go on cruises and meet fellow riders once I gain more experience.

    Safe riding,
  2. where u at and wtf is the name about ? i dont get it ( but im old )
  3. I'm from Sydney and my name is just plain Seno.
  4. take my fcuking zxr ! SOMEONE BUY MY BIKE ...god damn shitty bike market....i wanna buy a new toy dammit
  5. crisis loses plot please ignore
  6. It happens to everyone at some stage
  7. lol you're severely sheltered if you think this is me losing the plot ;)
  8. Welcome to the forum, mate.

    Cya out there(y)
  9. welcome. i got my re's on a vtr and i agree with you that it will get boring on that bike. i ended up buying a grey import zx-2r which is pretty much the same as the same import cbr. it was pretty fun but it still gets a bit boring by the end of your re's.

    are you thinking about getting a new cbr or an older one?
  10. have you even seen the plot crisis
  11. Thanks for the welcome\ guys.

    Johl: If I were to get a CBR250, it would probably be 2010 or 2011.

    phil: I have never heard of a plot crisis but I have heard of losing the plot.
  12. i've dug a few (y)
  13. welcome,your name is yours