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Hi I'm new

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Denks, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, Im new to this forum,
    Looks like a place to find some great stuff and hopefully some nice people to ride with!
    Cheers! :cool:

  2. :woot:
    Let me be the first to say a big ass netrider2. WELCOME!

    So, tell us whatcha got and remember... :worthlesspics:

    And if you dont already know there is garage too

    Ride safe and have fun!
  3. Cheers paul! what do u ride mate?
  4. I'm going to take a guess and say a 92 Ducati 900 SS in the red. :p
  5. HEHE yeah I know, but that could be just to throw some people off... not everybody wants people to know they ride a honda :LOL:
    here are some piccies...
  6. tried to post up some links to some pics but no go... i need five posts
  7. ok you've got me.

    Please explain your avitar.

    And is there a larger pic of it?

    and should i be scared?
  8. Thanks for puttin the pics up Paul, im hopeless with computers mate :grin:
    Just an avatar mate, no need to to fret :LOL: had to reduce the size of photo to be included in the avatar... sorry mate *thumbs up*
  9. welcome denks.. i see our avid SA new comer is well on the
    way to welcoming you!

    so ill add one in too :)

    nice to a see a new ninja to the ranks!

    my plans are for a zx6r to follow the GPX when off restrictions.. that or a nice cbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me haertys!
  10. Thanks mate! see u use to have an rx7... what series??
    Did u say Honda... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! hehe :LOL: just jokin mate... goodluck with upgradin!
  11. :rofl:

    No need to apologise mate!
    Looks awesome anyways!
    SO this isnt you?
    Anyways all theose tattoos would have taken so much time and prolly cost a fortune.

    what are you doing up so late anyways?
    he he he \:D/
  12. No thats not my tattoos hehehe.... I havent got any photos of mine... still savin money to continue work on my back peice :grin:
    Mate when ur unemployed and cant sleep there isnt much else to do but sit around on the comp and talk shit with others in the same situation as urself :LOL:
    How bout urself mate? day off tomorow or are u a parasite to the system like myself :LOL:
  13. The seccond one... :cry:
  14. HAHA dont be sad bout it mate... what do u do? do u have a trade, studyin???
  15. yeah trying to study mate... he he
  16. Yeah! thats cool mate what r u studyin??
  17. Double degree in Theology and Ministry.

    What about yourself? trade? qualifications? what u normaly do?
  18. Man that sounds hectik! excuse my ignorance but is that studying to be a priest?

    I'm a fitter and machinist by trade but I went back to study last year... I was doin Digital TV and film production but took this year off to look for work and find some experience... not bloody easy I can tell u :?
  19. Nice bike.

    Nice roatary in the background too. :cool:

    Welcome aboard.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.