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Hi! I'm new.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dom, May 8, 2006.

  1. Hi there. My name is Dominique and I just joined up with Netrider the other week. I ride a Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator which is a rather cruisey kind of machine. Dom + Eliminator = Dominator!

    I have been on two Netrider rides already both which I loved. I find it more fun to ride with friends rather than on my own.

    Have made a few Netrider friends already. Love it! That's why I got into this bike thing in the first place. Beats sitting at home on the weekends, hey.

    Dom :blah:
  2. Welcome to the forum man. You're already ahead of me; I haven't even got my Ls yet!
  3. welcome Dom, nice bike I almost got one. :grin:
  4. have you been to a coffee night yet...
    Let's face it, netriders go through more Coffee than they do Fuel :LOL:
  5. Hi Dominator, if I am not mistaken you were the gal on the camoflage draggins' at the Warrandyte-Yea ride. If not, I mistaken you for someone else. If you are who I think it was, good to put name into face. :)
  6. Hi Van, why haven't you got your L's? Go for it!

    Hi Matti-San, I wish they made a version of my bike as a 600cc+. I do love my bike but then I think everyone loves their first bike like they loved their first car.

    Hi Falcon-Lord, yes, have been to Southbank Friday night coffee night a couple of times a while back. Will have to go to more now that I am getting to know more people.

    Hi Bonjoji, yes, that was me in the urban camo's on the Yea ride. Are you really 96?!
  7. Hi Dominique, nice ride and welcome to the forum :)
  8. 96 less 60 that is :p. So it is you, the rebel girl with a nice low-slung black bike who didn't want to reverse park her bike at Yarra Glen :LOL: .

    I actually caught up with you on the way home from Yarra Glen, remember the red gpx with half an L plate lane splitting at the traffic lights at Swansea road, it was me. I didn't managed to introduce myself to you at the Yea ride :oops: , but hey I'll catch up with you next ride, and nice bike you got there, I like it (I wish I have a cruiser too, plus the gpx of course :) )
  9. Hi Dom,
    welcome to the forums, be warned they can be addictive :LOL:

    Was great spending this past weekend with you, but next time ya not allowed to put yaself to bed so early :p :wink:

    We'll have to put our thinking caps on and organise another overnight ride. Hopefully next time I'll pay attention to your mad arm waving and notice the eagles and the wallabies :)
  10. Welcome to the forums Dom, I think i remember you from the ride a few weeks ago.
  11. Hi new! :grin:
  12. /em slaps seany up the side of the head
  13. Hi Caz!

    thank you for the warning.

    I don't always ride with my arms flailing like that!

    Yes, I did go to bed too early. It's just that I turn into a pumpkin at 9.30. Will make a concerted effort to party on longer next time! :eek:
  14. Hi Dom. :grin:

    Of all the smaller cruiser styled bikes that are around, I think the Eliminator looks the 'ants-pance'...a very cooool bike!
    Now if THAT bike came in a bigger engine size (1000cc or more), I could even possibly be tempted. :eek:
  15. Hi Dom,


    We met on Seany's learner ride a few weeks back.
    Its taken awhile for you to start posting.. hmm guess you too busy riding.

    Make sure you the number of hours you spend on your bike riding exceededs the number of posts you make here and you'll be fine..

    Catch you on the next ride..

  16. Hi all!

    A wise friend once told me that when you start riding you are given two bags. One is full of good luck and the other is empty - that's the experience one. You have to fill up the empty one with experience before the bag full of good luck runs out!

    Keep on ridin'.