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Hi, I'm new !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Peco, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I am new to the site. I think I got a flyer for this site / forum on my handlebars when parked in the city. Figured now that I need to actually get some help and advise I better sign up and join in and hopefully get some knowledge from the locals.

    I live near Melbourne and have been here for 6 years now after moving out from Scotland. I bought my first motorbike mainly for commuting. I move to an area that has no nearby train stops and is the last stop before the freeway so the bus is ALWAYS full when I get on meaning I need to stand the entire way in which doesnt help my back or knees or motivation to do work by the time I actually get there having stood the whole way :nopity:

    Anyway, I hope to spend some time here and hopefully get some help and advise as time goes on, and who knows, maybe I can help out other some day.

  2. Welcome!

    Netrider flyers, I should look into that.
  3. Welcome Peco. Nice choice on the bike - I had a GS500 and I think they're terrific commuter / learner bikes.

    If you're new to riding there's stuff on almost every weekend in Melbourne to help inexperienced riders build up their skills and confidence - check out the threads for the Saturday morning practice in particular.

  4. Hi, I'm old!!!
    Welcome to NR Peco. :)
    I agree with blackie. my best is 4.8, worst is 6.4!!
    ('10 Z1000)
  5. Hello Peco, welcome from another fairly new member. Lots of good info and helpful people here.
  6. welcome peco :)
  7. Welcome, I just recently joined this place and it is a nice forum where you get awesome advice!
  8. My best is 5.8, my worst is almost 8. But damn that worst was fun!!!
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  9. Hi Peco and welcome to NR
  10. Greetings
  11. Welcome to NR.
  12. Welcome to NR. (y)
  13. Actually, I went back over my 'Fuely' figures,,,Worst was 7.7!!!
    Yes lotsa fun! :D
    Best was on the way home from the Snowys ride last year between Sale & home.
    Steady 110km/h & dead boring :( (lotsa candy cars!!!)
    Looks like that extra 4L won't get you that much further than me!! :rofl:

    Now back to your normal programing :)
  14. true, but that is probably more a reflection on the rider rather than the bike ;)
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  15. Hoon! :demon:
    Actually, there should be a bigger difference in economy due to the final drive.
    Z1000 45/15
    Ninja 1000 41/15
    According to Kawasaki.