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Hi, I'm new

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by crazydingo, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I haven't got a licence yet, but I have the pre-learner course booked. I've been cruising the web for information regarding what bikes are best for learners, all the LAMS stuff, what to look out for with second-hand bikes, etc.

    Anyway, feel free to give me your pearls of wisdom because I'm sure I know next-to-nothing compared to most of you in the forum and your input is welcome and appreciated. Especially info regarding safety gear!


  2. Welcome! Good on you for venturing into both this forum and the wonderful world of motorbikes!
  3. welcome to NR

    with bikes it is very subjective as you provide no information as to what you intend to use it for.. eg: commute during the week, going thru twisties on weekends, or just twisties, or just commute, your likes? Sport type, naked? You do need to be more specific
  4. Get your gear first.. Never compromise on safety.

    but yes, you need to decide on what type of rider you will likely become, or see yourself being. Different riding gear is available for different riding activities. Different bikes work better for different uses.

    A trail bike can still operate on the roads, but a street bike will always do better.
    A stunt bike can do laps around the track (good luck getting on one though) but it is made to do stunts and tricks, and do them well too!
    A sports bike is good for roads, but a cruiser is way more comfy for long distances.
    A scooter.. meh.. it's nothing compared to a Harley.

    You could wear full trail bike chest armour when you ride to work, but you'd stand out like wally on a white piece of paper.
  5. Whoops! Learning already!

    I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle that I'll probably commute on, but also to enjoy and go for spins on.

    I've been looking at naked bikes mostly. I'm thinking I getting a VTR250 or GSF250V. There's also the CBR250, but with all the warnings I've seen saying "you WILL drop your bike", I was thinking maybe it's best not to get that.
  6. Lol get whatever you want...might be a smart idea to stick to the well known brands (kawasaki, honda, suzuki, yamaha ect.) and get a second hand one ...i'm still learning and i favour the 1990's bikes...means i'm not "afraid to scratch my baby!!!" ...and i'm more inclined to go ...**** it...it's a old bike anyway - parts are a dime a dozen for the older bikes ...

    Welcome to NR by the way mate ...best of luck for when you go for your l's