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Hi, I'm new! Just got my L's and bought my first bike!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spectre_84, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. As the title says, I'm from West Melbourne. I'm nearly 32 and never ridden before. Excited and terrified at the same time!

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  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  3. welcome aboard Justin_SJustin_S :) congrats on the L's and the bike.

    What bike did you get?
  4. Welcome to Netrider Justin.....get down to Saturday practice in Elwood, you'll learn some essential skills and meet some great people too! (y)
  5. Welcome Justin,

    Congrats on L's and bike. Treat her well - happy bike, happy rides
  6. Hello and welcome. Looks like you have a good supportive crowd there in Melbourne, so enjoy the experience!
  7. Welcome to NR fellow westerner!

    Congrats on the L's and the new bike! As above, which bike?
  8. congrats
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome!! I assume you can see my Avatar photo, that is the bike I bought, a 2011 Hyosung GT250R. I'm probably going to get flamed for it but the bike had only done just over 1100km and I only paid 2 and a half for it so I thought I got a great deal. I was on a budget to buy my first bike, didn't want to buy something too expensive that I may drop etc and didn't want something too old.

    What's in Elwood? Is it like a meet up or?
  10. Looks good in yellow. Very transformers!
  11. You can actually buy a Transformers Tank Pad! It looks ok but it probably looks a little Tacky when it's actually on the bike. Buying a little Transformers badge and sticking it somewhere a little more discreet had crossed my mind lol.
  12. I need tank pad too - not seen one I like that fits my bike. Anyway, gear and accessory shopping over next couple days - should find something
  13. What bike do you have? My bike has the 'Motor' brand tank pad already on it, I don't like it as it's red and black with a swirl type design in it. so I just bought the plain Carbon Fiber design 'ProGrip' one off Ebay. It arrived today but I'm wondering if it's a knock off, It was from an Aus store seller and only $8 with delivery but it doesn't feel and look as good quality as the one already on my bike. Feels very thin!
  14. I got a matt black baby monster. Just clicked over 500km. Best ride so far this morning - getting smoother slowly, and finally starting to go thru roundabouts with a bit of confidence.
  15. Awesome, good to hear! :]
  16. Its a meet up for learners and experienced alike to get together on Saturday morning while their other halves are doing the shopping haha!
    Link is below....

    [VIC] - [Sunday] Learners/New Riders
  17. Hi Justin, I just went through the same thing your about to, I just started riding 3 weeks ago at age 34. I got my L and bought my red bike before ever riding one before lol
    Ask any Qs you like, and welcome :)
  18. Welcome mate. Enjoy this strange new world which will bring you much joy, and cost you lots of money. You've started with an $8 tank pad but just wait........bling and performance mods, and then the gear lol!!
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