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Hi. I'm new here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mmoylan, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Hi All, I'm Mick and I'm from Melbourne.

    On Wednesday I flew to Adelaide and bought a BMW R80 (1995) and rode it back. That's the third bike I've owned - am currently selling a 250 Virago (my second learner bike) and had a Yamaha XT250 a few years ago that I bought in Perth and rode to Darwin - and then sold it because I'd ran out of money.

    I'm heaps excited about the R80 - had been looking out for one for ages - I think they look awesome and they have a reputation for reliability. This one looks like it was very well looked after. Time will tell. This might be really obvious but it's quite a different bike from the Virago - apart from being faster and way more powerful, it makes a way better noise - a real low bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bur that I'm quite liking.

    So today I booked in two RWCs - one for the Virago and one for the bimmer and I'm going to start spending all that other money that happens when you buy a bike - change to Vic plates, RWC fees, advertising, sales duty, rego, insurance...

  2. MMMMMM welcome and congrats on the new toy.
  3. Welcome to Nutrider!
  4. Welcome to NR.
  5. Welcome aboard mate:]
  6. welcome...but it seems you have been lurking since 2006 ....:blackeye:
  7. Long time lurker first time poster....

    Congrats on the new bike.

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. ^ Yep - what he said. Have lurked since I got my Virago (06) first time poster.
  9. Gday Mick good excuse to go interstate just to get a bike. No better reason in my book. Cool choice with R80 its not something you see everyday on the road bit of a classic probly. Itll create some conversation amongst die hard beemer fans.
  10. Thanks it's not too far back from Adelaide and I have a mate in Ararat so that helped. Was a bit unsure about the sensibleness of buying an older bike and then going on a long ride on it but had a chat to the mechanic who said it was A1. It's a very nice long highway cruise.
  11. Welcome

    Seems you are well and truly addicted!