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Hi I'm new here. Haven't ridding a bike in. 20 yrs.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Andy64, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Hi there I'm new here. Just started back riding. Have been on a bike for 20 odd years. Slowly comming back.
    Did 800 km took my time went to my first rally. Different. But I'm glad I did it wrists are killing. Not used to it. But that come back.
    I got a ninja 300 very zippy bit quicker than the x7 Suzy I had. Just a tad lol. Anyway nice to meet you all. Take care be good.

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  2. Gday, wrists will come good when you stop gripping the bars like they are gojng to get away from you would be my guess.
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  3. Welcome Andy, hope you catch up with some of the Melbourne rides soon.
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  4. Welcome back. McS got it dead right. Today's mopeds are more fun and safer than 1970s 250s..
  5. Welcome Andy.
    I'm back from a 12yr drought myself. I've been back for a 1yr and 3 months now. already done 32,000. I may have to face fact that there may be no cure for me.
    Enjoy the ninja.
  6. Welcome back to the world of riding, and the forum!
  7. Ha a ninj 300, a man of taste obviously...did you perchance put a yoshi pipe on the machine yet? Will make your ninj a tasty little beast indeed...but I'm biased. chillibuttonchillibutton we've got another ninj yay!
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  8. welcome aboard :] & welcome back :]
  9. As above...
  10. Welcome back to the fold, Andy.

    I wish you very much joy of your wee Ninja.

    Hmm, apart from top speed, as I remember them, the X7 was a bloody quick 250.
    Back then, I had the X5, 'cos it came in yellow and was electric start.

    The Ninja does put a bit of work onto your wrists, but you should soon get used to it.
  11. You and ya yella CrazyCam...
    Yep the ole Ninj does give the old wrists and palm a work out esp throttle to the stop...I recommend one of those soft 'stress balls' and squeeze whilst sitting to condition your hands...or use those weightlifting grip thingos (can't remember what they are called but they are like pliers with a dirty great big spring to work against).
    Strengthens/conditions the adductors, flexors and lumbricals in the palm area...
    I'll end up looking like I have a pair of hands like off that Coles ad soon if I keep doing these hand exercises!! Bit a biatch finding gloves to fit...
  12. My x7 was red but it had a hard life before I got it. And it was 2 stroke lol. But it did me ok :)
  13. just waiting to do my first sevice 1000 km. not long to go. Can you help me out as where to get one here I'm in Melbourne. That be great if you could help us out :)
  14. and thanks for the welcome :). Take care
  15. thanks for the welcome :)
  16. Welcome and thanks
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  17. MAD BIKER (y)
  18. Oh shit yeah lol.
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  19. Reservior PROBS A BIT FAR AWAY:)