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Hi im new. Does any1 esle have an Nsr?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NSR250R, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Hi im new, started riding a couple of months ago
    got my 1st bike, a Honda Nsr250r, 88model grey import, its the new love of my life
    identical to this http://www.dreamgate.ne.jp/nsr/general/88_red_nsr.jpg
    wondering if many others in australia have nsr's


  2. Hi Chris. Welcome to Netrider. Nice looking little smoker you got there. I recall a lot of questions about NSR's but not a lot of people who actually have them (250 excepted). Ultimately, it doesn't matter who else has one. You chose the bike you wanted, so enjoy it! A lot of folk here are curious (me too), so feel free to tell us a bit about yourself. Where abouts in Australia are you? Lots of rides organinsed all over the place. Will we see you on one perhaps. Also if you're in Melbourne, wait for Glen to fill you in on the coffee nights, they're well worth going to. :D
  3. Hi Chris , welcome .
  4. Hi Chris.. There's a swag of NSR owners here in Melbourne I'm a former owner myself. If you're in and around Melbourne keep an eye out in the forum on Jamies site they quite often get together for a ride.

    MC21's are by far the most popular though you do occasionally see a 28 out there.
  5. Welcome Chris, and happy swimming against the four-stroke tide! My first bike was a 250 two stroke, back when there were a lot more of them around, of course. Nothing quite like the smell of two-stroke warming up, or their yowl when they get on the pipe. Enjoy!
  6. Hi NSR250R.
    Yep my first bike was a NSR250 MC21. If I'm not mstaken the MC18 is the last of the derestricted models from factory?
  7. i love it, its rare as pulls hard, (will be better wen my new power valve servo gets here from japan)

    im in perth, but ill be in syd for 10 days over new years soi hope 2 c a big turn out round bondi to welcome me

    gmk u r correct it was the last unrestricted model, (tho its only a wire splice away for the later models)
    ive been doing all my own mech work and doing a lot of reading off jamies site and nsrworld

    i couldnt go to a 4stroke 1st bike, im 1/3 of a 600 superstock racing team, we did 1 national round in qld but the rest local, my best mate is the rider, his dad and i are the mechanics/pitcrew, its a great sport to be a part of