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Hi, I'm Matt

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Matt8080, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    Thought I'd jump online and meet some like minded individuals who enjoy riding.
    Unfortunately the mates I usually go riding with are starting to have kids and "don't have time". :banghead:
    I'm based in Sydney and will be watching the events calendar with interest.


  2. Hi Matt,

    Hopefully you can catch up with some of the NSW riders. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people here, and a few nutters ;) The nutters only season the mix though. :)
  3. Hey Matt
    welcome...shame about your mates having kids...bikes are much better :)
  4. Hi Matt8080Matt8080 and welcome to NR. Don't worry...your mates will grow out of it. :LOL:
  5. we3lcome aboard matt :]
  6. Welcome...

    Yeh...kids, wives...they all get in the way...

  7. G'day Matt.
  8. Welcome to NR Matt!