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hi....i'm here from italy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by speedtriple, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. hiiiii
    i arrived in melbourne 2 weeks ago....and.....i'm here to find a job (i hope to work with the triumph here....)....so...if i will find a good job here i bring here my love....my speed triple nuclear red.... :p
    i come from sicily...(south of italy) and i race for triumph in italy....i'm also the rat pach leader triumph....and here i know nobody... :cry:
    i hope to find friends and go to drink someting all night...hehehehehe

  2. welcome to australia, check out the vic announcements for coffee nights and ride days. should meet some good mates! :)
    by the way, very jealous of ur bike i'd love a daytona 675
  3. Welcome to Aust and to NR. :grin:
  4. Welcome, speedtriple! :grin:
    What class of racing is there in Italy for Triumphs?
    Go and introduce yourself to Charlie at Turn One Motorcycles (same street as Triumph Australia). He doesn't work for Triumph any more, but he knows a lot of the owners, and they sometimes organise rides.
  5. Hello & Welcome, I know of one other sicilian on these forums, but he got banned :( PM coming your way.
  6. tnx all for the welcome.... :grin:

    titus....i was a racer for the kawasaki italia....when i was younger....and now....when there are the official race of riumph i race for they...
    in this kind of race there are only triumph...

    where is this work that you say?

  7. Il buon vino fa buon sangue :wink:

    Ciao Signor speedtriple :)
  8. Turn One Motorcycles is a small tuning and repair shop in Stubbs Street Kensington. (sorry, they don't have any jobs). The owner of the business is Charlie, and he sometimes organises rides for Triumph owners.
  9. :grin: ....tnx titus.....at the moment i work as chef......so....my dream is work for the triumph australia....i hope.... :grin:

    Caz V1 sei italiana?? :eek: :wink: che bello!!!!!!!!!! :p

  10. Io bella, no bello :LOL:
  11. heheheheheheh ho detto che bello, come a dire.....bella cosa...... :p
  12. Bonjour!
    Ca va?
    Welcome. :LOL:
  13. Instead of dreaming, pick up the dam phone & speak bloody English. :p

    Triumph Motorcycles Australia

    20 Stubbs Street
    Kensington VIC 3031

    Ph: 03 9381 9766
    Fx: 03 9381 9798


  14. très bien, merci! je suis heureux que ce Forum est multilingue
  15. My attempt at humour has backfired.
    I got 'very good thank you. I am...'
    Then I'm lost. :grin:
    One whole year of French and that's all I remember.
  16. Thanks to google language tools;

    "very well, thank you! I am happy that this Forum is multilingual"

    Now, my turn;-)

    Willkommen zum Netrider! [1]


    [1] 2years of HS German and that is all I can manage!
  17. hello and welcome you will find heaps of people to drink with lol. have fun
  18. i hope..... :cool: