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Hi, Im Daniel

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by danez85, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I am the proud owner of a red 2010 Yamaha XJ6. Im new to Sydney roads and motorbikes overall. So, far Im in deep love with my bike. Looking to upgrade the exhaust soon, thinking Akrapovic! :)

    Anyways, happy to participate in rides along the awesome Aussie land.

    Any tips from XJ6 owners?

  2. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to two wheels!
  3. Hello and welcome to NR danez85danez85 . :happy:
  4. G'day DanielDaniel, welcome to Netrider.

    I have a Yamaha XJ6NL - the LAMS version of the XJ6. They seem to a relatively rare motorcycle. I've enjoyed riding mine over the past eighteen months. I've had Oggy Knobs, a 12V/USB accessory port and heated grips installed. It has been a great motorcycle to start on.
  5. indeed
  6. Thanks!
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  7. Nice one bro,

    Where did you get that usb port installed?
  8. I had the 12V/USB accessory port installed by my local Yamaha dealer, Readford's Motorcycle Centre at Dubbo in central NSW. It's a generic brand (non-Yamaha) component which is mounted in the centre of the handlebars.
  9. Welcome mate :cool:

    A friend of mine had a yellow XJ6, was a beauty of a machine.
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  10. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  11. Welcome to Netrider and two wheels :)
  12. Welcome Daniel:)
  13. Welcome Daniel. Nice choice of bike. I've got a fz6r, the fully faired version of the xj6.
  14. welcome aboard :)