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HI!! I feel like a kid before Christmas!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SlCKB0Y, May 20, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say hi to you all and introduce myself. My name is Stuart and i'm from the lower north shore in Sydney. I went for my rider training on Monday and Tuesday and passed the knowledge test on Wednesday so i'm all legal and nearly peeing in my pants in anticipation of getting a bike to start riding.

    Also I wanted some opinions of the gear I have bought so far

    Helmet: Shoei TZ-1 Royal Blue - On sale for $300

    Jacket: Alpinestars t-dyno (textile) Jacket - From the US for $260AU including express courier.

    Pants: Black Draggin' cargoes - $170

    Gloves: Alpinestars SP-2 - $130

    So i have spent $860 on gear so far and still need something for my feet. i was thinking of getting some ex-army GP boots from a disposal store.

    Anyways, nice to meet you all, and now all i have to do is find a decent vtr250 in sydney for 5-5.5k

  2. I love it when people on internode post images up, they appear as soon as the link is clicked......go node :)

    Gear, oh yeah, ummm, its a blue helmet, nice, and a blue/white leather jacket, nice but the gloves......they arent blue :p:p:p

    Im sure you look sexy in it all.

    GP boots?? Dude, they offer no shin protection, they wont limit your ankle from twisting, nor will they stop the sole from bending and snapping your foot.

    GP boots are worn by people that dont ride motorbikes.

    Seriously go out and spend $300 on a good pair of motorbike boots.

    And Jeans, well, they last about 0.00018 of a second when you hit the road. Get leathers.

    Now that was the preaching bit.

    Welcome and enjoy riding.
    Stay safe
  3. Welcome, gear is pretty tricky the first time around to get right. I have a TZ-1, I find it a very good helmet as it fits me well. Jackets, pants, boots, gloves have to fill a variety of roles. Protection, warmth, comfort, looks etc. so often difficult to find something that does everything. Sometimes there is a compromise. Where Vic was coming from was is that the last thing he would compromise on is protection. I'm the same as Vic on this one. Personally I'm not a fan of Dragin's and the jury is still out for me on synthetic jackets and pants. Completely up to you on what you wear, it's your choice. Where are you from?
  4. When I had my off about a week ago I was glad that I had my Draggin's on. I have a graze to the right knee that's all. Most likely wouldn't have had the graze if I'd been in leathers but I would find it perhaps difficult to wear leathers when attending work. Great for a ride day but riding to and from work might add a little bit of hassle having to change. That said I might have come away with no graze if I'd got leathers.
    The thing is when I rode a motorcycle I bought Draggin's with the idea of upgrading to leathers at a later date. I was sure I wanted to ride a m/c and continue doing so but if you are unsure whether you'll be still wanting to ride in a years time then perhaps wait to invest in leathers.
  5. Boots with shin protection is a must. Just this morning I was hit on the shin riding on the freeway. Some bit of rock or ??? fell off a truck that was ahead of me and too the right.

    It would of been painfull without them!
  6. Agreed

    Welcome to the clan to start with
    Yes the golden rule of riding gear is to buy the most expensive that you can afford, even if you have to cut a few corners elsewhere.
    Totally agree about the boots. I bought a pair of Falcos for under 200 clams. They offer full protection and, as a bonus, they are really waterproof, something you might like to factor into your thinking.
    The tyre ad says that if it only saves you once a year it's a good year, and the exact same thinking applies to gear. Sounds like you've done well so far.
    Consider a pair of waterproof overpants as well. They pack small and one day you'll be glad you packed them!!
    Also, and I know I'm sounding old here, but, go to a work safety store, buy a few pairs of ear plugs and wear them whenever you go for a ride of any distance (just down the corner to the shops it's not really necessary)
    I'm in my 50's now and have been riding for over 30 years and I know for a fact that my hearing is degraded theough years of riding without ear protection. It's not the bike noise that is the problem, it's the wind noise as well. Wearing them can save your hearing and you stilll get to hear your own exhaust note and what's happening around you.
  7. RC36Honda, I totally agree with you. When I go a fang I always use the safety earplugs (Bunnings etc).

    Its the cheapest safety gear you can buy and your ears will thank you for doing this.

    Oh remember that ANY helmets has a life of about 4-5 years wheather you use them or not, so check the manufacturing date.
  8. Smart lad, you got your gear before buying a bike. I'd still think about proper boots for all the reasons stated and some leather pants would be handy. The rest of your kit is fine but remember it does rain so some light weight over pants/jacket would be sensible.

    Good luck with finding a bike, keep us informed.
  9. Boots

    Ditto to everybody's wise comments on boots; you feet are your mobility for EVERYTHING you do for the rest of your life; GPs don't do anything except look good all spit-polished on parade (been there, done that, using the T-Shirt as a duster)
    If you have to skimp 300 bucks on a cheaper bike, do it and spend the money on a quality pair of boots; you feet will be eternally grateful.
  10. Hey there Sickboy (fan of trainspotting??), welcome to the forums. It's good to get more Sydneysiders on here. I'm from Hornsby and we've got dudes in Beecroft, Thornleigh, Willoughby and Frenches Forest, so there'll be no shortage of locals to come for a ride with you when you get your bike.

    Speaking of getting your bike, you're looking for a VTR yeah? Can I suggest that you look into the possibility of buying a VT250 Spada instead? The same motor, very similar design, built like a brick shithouse, waaaay sexier, and about $1-2K cheaper than the VTR. Click on the webpage link in my sig to see more of the Spada.

    Anyhoo, good to have you onboard...
  11. ARRGGGHHHHHHH The Spada disease is spreading via the forum!!!
    Agree though, get most of the VTR for less money, and you'll keep Pete happy into the bargain, a true win-win situation.
  12. Oh, you're in sooo much trouble next coffee night!!! :D
  13. Oops, sorry, forgot to say hi. Hi!
  14. Gee, saw the topic and thought "well, Micheal Jackson may be able to get you one".
  15. LMAO.

    Go the VTR!!!
  16. Firstly just let me say
    HOLY CRAP! I wasnt expecting such a friendly welcome.

    Yes! I decided to buy the safety gear first for a number of reasons. Firstly, I was impatient and wanted some initial motorcycle satisfaction whilst i waited for my L's and bike :) Secondly I know myself and had I bought the bike first I would have bought something out of my budget and then been riding around in washing up gloves, an old paint tin, and my t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

    A few of you have mentioned the importance of boots. This is not something which initially occured to me, but which is something i will definately be looking into now. I may as well get some A*s to match my gloves and jacket i suppose :) I think i might also order these from the US and save some big $'s

    To the person who asked about Trainspotting. Yea, look i have literally used this nickname on the net for nearly 7 years now, so it sorta just stuck! But yes i am a fan of the movie and its what inspired me in the first place.

    About the waterproof overpants... ahead of you guys there i just forgot to mention it.

    And re textile vs. leathers. Obviously i understand that in the event of a stack nothing will protect you to the same degree as leather, but my textile jacket was kinda a compromise between protection, comfort, weight, warmth/coolness and water resistance.

    As for the Draggins', they were a compromise in practicality. I would mainly be using the bike to commute to uni and work and im just not sure it would be practical to wear leather pants around after reaching my destination. Also keeping in mind I am not going to be going to fast on my L's, and as my ability increases, I fully intend to shell out some $$$ for a set of leathers. As well as this, (and this isnt directed at the people above who didnt like them) most of the people I have been reading in this forums who dont like them havent had a stack in them...conversely, most of the people in here who have had an off in them seem pretty satisfied with how they performed in day to day riding.

    Oh and regarding vtr250 vs vt250. I do like the Spada, its just I have the money for a vtr and do actually prefer the look of the vtr. As well as this I have seen a lot more vtr's in good condition than i have Spada's (at least in Sydney) I'm just afraid that if i get the vt i'll like it but forever regret not getting the vtr. I guess i've just got my heart set on it.

    Once again, thanks for the big welcome and I'm sure i'll be asking stupid questions soon.
  17. DUDE!!!

    There is NOTHING cooler than walking around in your leather pants all day.* I do it at work, parties, Coles.

    *If you're a motorcyclist.

  18. thats the only reason we all have bikes isnt it?