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Hi i don't write so often here but this time is special

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by riderstime, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. talking about parts .....

    I bought a frame from buysellorpawn.com and they screwed me it was suppose to be a 07 r6 r frame and it ended up being an S frame anyone who knows knows the difference. I got the frame in 3 weeks but it was an S frame not R it even showed it on the title. I called them several times it is hard to get through and they have NO CLUE about what they are selling. STICK TO COINS AND NOT PARTS! Don't mess with them.
  2. Interesting intro.

    Anyhow, err, umm, welcome to the forum?
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    Caveat emptor

    Triply so on-line :-(
  4. Welcome riderstime, I am afraid Hornet is right. The company is not a specialist in bike parts. There doesn't seem to have been any attempt to deceive. Buyer beware. Chalk it up to experience.