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hi, i am new to bikes what are the costs ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by aetude, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. maintenance, servicing etc. average on sports bike.

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  3. $314.23
  4. Does that include GST?? :LOL:
  5. Your entire disposable income for the rest of your life. And then a bit more.
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  7. You got ripped off. Mine only cost $314.22
  8. I suspect this is an attempt at a genune question and the others are having a lend of you the answer is "it all depends".

    It depends on:
    The bike
    The standards you maintain
    What you can afford
    How you ride
    How often you ride
    and a heap more what ifs.

    Why dont you pose a scenario and see what we come up with :wink:
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    Motorcycle riding is somewhat addictive- you'll end up feeding your addiction by hocking your dads time life DVD collection...
  10. This recent thread gives quite detailed breakdowns of costs for quite a few bikes, so that might be helpful, aetude.
  11. Thats pricey $298 for me. plus i add a carb tune for $350 total!
  12. if you want to ride a bike to save money, go away slap your self over the head, then buy a toyota yaris, it will be cheaper and more fitting of your personality.
  13. Shhhhh... that excuse worked on the missus!