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Hi I am new here!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smcguane, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Girls and Guys,

    Just thought i would pop my head up to say g'day

    I am as fresh as they come to these forums, although i have been riding for close to 10 years.

    I have had 4 x rgv 250's over the past 10 years and only stacked twice both my fault both times young and stupid.

    Anyway as i need 7 posts before i can contact an admin to buy one of those hoodies ( if he still has any left ) i thought i would kick off with some pictures and purchase a membership.

    She has had the following done

    * Gianelli muffler
    * Hyperpro adjustable steering dampener
    * Oggy knobs
    * K&N Air Filter

    However i can not link photos until i have 5 posts - so say g'day so i can show her off!


  2. welcome to the forums smcguane

    you must have a real thing for the rgv 250's.

    now you can reply and add to your post count

  3. Welcome to Netrider. There's a special place in many of our hearts for two-strokes, and in hospital wards for their riders :LOL:

  4. for god sake hornet blank out that front number plate! Dont give them any ideas!!

    ducks and runs for cover
  5. That was 34 years ago, amazing how stupid ideas do the rounds, isn't it :LOL:???
  6. Welcome bloke , I reakon the blue and white rgv250's were awesome bikes back in the day.
  7. Hey Guys,

    I did the tacky thing and went and added my 2c to some other posts which probably was pointless but got the count up to 5 :)

    Here she is ... shes sexy - my wife is starting to feel out of place haha



  8. There came a time this year when I'm approaching 30 and i am like i think i have outgrown the physical bike style - i love them so much the power the NOISE and the SMOKE !!

    Time to move on .. and this little beauty is a good start :)

  9. Hey smc bike looks great!

    Dang did I want an RGV something bad when I was 18! Friends talked me out of it. They can be handy sometimes :roll:
  10. HI and welcome to NR
  11. Thanks Guys... :)
  12. hi and welcome smc
    my husband (tigger65)currently rides a rgv250 till he gets off his restrictions.he loves the thing
  13. i will always have a special place in there for the rgv's :grin:

    I still see some fellow rgv owners getting around, gets me a little excited but then i realize i have an R6 now :cool: