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Hi I am a newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by drewe, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hey all I have only had my bike license for about 3 weeks, i am restricted to a 250cc bike and i ride a red 2004 Honda VTR 250. It would be great if any of the new riders in the brissy area wanna organise a ride day or somthin so that all of us newbies with 250's can go for a ride, it would be a bit of fun. Any ways hi to everyone im sure i will post up some new threads soon. :p

  2. Hi drewe! :)
  3. Hi there drewe, welcome to Netrider :grin:
  4. welcome to netrider. i am sure you will have a laugh in here.. :LOL:
  5. Hi man,

    I am a new rider in brisbane... so new i have not got my licence yet, go for it next week. I would definitly be keen on a ride around the place sometime in the future, but i will probabily not have a 250 and it will be in about a month or so. Will keep my eyes out though.
  6. hey mate !
    I got my Learners licence 3 weeks ago also.

    But my '04 VTR250 is Matte-Black. :eek:
  7. A big welcome to all the newbies, drewe, heregoes and mickyb.
    Stay safe and have fun :grin:
  8. hey,
    Im a newbie two (had my licence for about maybe a month now) i'd be keen to go on a newbie ride if it can be done at the right time. But i have a crap bike, with crap gear... and im not a good rider :oops:

    put me on your msn, if you wanna try organise something
  9. A big welcome to all the :newb:
  10. Hi drewe, Welcome to Netrider :)
  11. Welcome to netrider
    Ha ha your a newbie - i just got upgraded to lurker :?
    enjoy the forums :roll:
  12. Welcome mate. I have a 2004 VTR too. Great bikes hey. 2 Wheels mag recently said they are by far the best 250 around.
  13. Hi to everyone, I'm a newbie too. Just got my licence and picked up a 2000 model GSF 250v from a mate for only $1000. It's got 7400 k's on the clock and i'm pretty stoked about it. I live in Jabiru and there is no speed limit on our highways so I'll be havin some fun over the next few weeks.
  14. hey rico !
    Good to see another matt-black VTR250 rider !
    I keep seeing blue and red ones around and hardly any matt-black ones.

    I reckon the matt-black finish with the grey tubular frame makes the bike look tough.
  15. Big welcome to all Newbies :) I hope you all are having fun one your new wheels :)

    The VTR250 is a top two fiffie, I learned to do knee down on one at Calder park, they are just great.

    A mate of mine has one with a Madaz can on it and they sound great too.

    Happy riding all.
  16. Hi Mick

    Yeah I agree. I reckon the matt black is the finish. I think there are less around as it used to be the pearl black. I bought it after I saw one and thought is was a duke monster.

    Gotten 125km out of it so far. Not sure how fast it goes though.
  17. welcome :newb:
    you will find netrider full of fun and controversy
    good to have you here mate
    come down to melb where all the cool riders are
    :grin: :grin:
  18. hi there and welcome
  19. 'Cool' being the important word :) Welcome...
  20. Thanks to all who said hi, if anyone wants to organise i ride day for all of the newbies out there, than count me in. None of my mates have bikes so it would be good to go for a ride with somone rather than by myself.