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Hi, how's the water?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by quietman, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. So I finally got off my bum and took my riding buddies' advice and joined up ... hi all ! :grin:

  2. Welcome, it's good to see that you're not taking us for granted :LOL:.
  3. Hi Grant. Welcome to NR.
  4. welcome grant by the way the water is bloody freezing
  5. whats water got to do with the price of fish :shock:
  6. Hi Grant

    Welcome to NR

    Well we got jipped and there was no big wave action after the tsunami warning - but you know it was ok because people went back to living their life.

    Nothing is sacred here ;)
  7. Grant who was at the beechworth bakery on sunday? :-O

    in any case, welcome :D
  8. Thanks everyone for the welcome, and for the pun (Hornet) :LOL:

    No, that wasnt me at beechworth bakery, this time anyway :grin:
  9. Grant from the MRA?
  10. hahah, sorry then :p

    a collegue my old man goes riding with introduced himself to me there on sunday, thought it might have been you :LOL:
  11. No.

    No wukkin forries :)
  12. grant from melbourne??? :LOL: