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Hi Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Daylan78, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. :grin: Hey Hi everybody, just joined up. Live in Katherine, NT. 30, chic rider. I ride my R6 in and around the joint, so lots of straight lines, flooded roads, pot holes and questionable forms of road kill. Even the odd eagle to the helmet ( always wear full face helmets in NT, ok!! ) :roll:

    Up for a chat, coffee, a ride or anything so drop me a line

  2. So, who's going to be the first to suggest a new destination for the Thursday Night Mystery Ride?? :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider....
  3. Katherine Thursday Nite MR

    :cool: thanku!

    LOL! How about, meet at the RAAF Base Tindal Canteen, fuel up, ride the 15 kms into Katherine up the Stuart HWY, stop at the only set of traffic lights for the next 340 kms, and do slow laps of the main street of town... and whatever animal jumps out in front of you- that is the Mystery of the Ride!! Then dodge some more animals of the marsupial kind on the way back, not forgetting to ride around the Airmen's Accomodation Blocks back at the base...

    .... I leave here in 18mths.

    Anyone up for the ride? LOL!!! :LOL:
  4. :worthlesspics:

    I'd be keen for the learner ride to head that way. Highway riding is an essential skill....!
  5. Highway Riding

    Yup, the speed limit is 130km/h ( hee hee ) and is "relatively" straight. So if u are learning, its a great opportunity to go fast, and going fast with massive trucks up yer butt. Also with "wild life" jumping out at you, crazy backpackers in those camper things, oldies in caravans, and drunken locals sleeping on the road- obstacle course. If you are going to do this ride, might i suggest that you do it in Dry Season ( Apr-Oct ) to avoid torrential downpours and flooding.

    The only windy bit is towards Darwin, is around Hayes Creek, and the turns are do-able at about 110kms. Provided it isn't raining.

    I am headed down to Melbourne from Katherine on the R6 in September for a month, and wouldn't mind company on the way back if anyone is interested. Not sure of the exact route or dates at this stage, just got the approval to actually do it.

    Thing to note about the Stuart hwy is that the road WILL chew up your tyres real quick.

    And i dnt know what else to say about it except that its hot and red. LOL! :p
  6. matey, get into the touring area. When you know when your doing it, you can probably arrange ""escorts"" (sounds dirty). For example have a look at PatB's Ural adventure!