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Hi hello hows your family.... Excellent

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Hamma, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Hi there all just joined after I rode with some of you on Anzac Day
    Good times

  2. Welcome to you :).
  3. hi and welcome
  4. Welcome Aboard mate!
    What bike were you riding?
  5. I ride a series 2 R1
    Cheap fast and a whole bundle of fun
  6. Welcome to NR Hamma! :grin:
  7. hiya & welcome twas a long day in the end i couldnt remember half the people on the ride :grin:
  8. Welcome.

    Yeah, you had to rub it in didn't you. I was hoping to go on that ride too. Woe is me, I missed yet another exhilarating experience.

    You obviously enjoyed it or you wouldn't have joined up!

    Good on you.
  9. Yup was a perfect day for a ride
    and an excellent was to do my minutes silence.
  10. 1 more post to go
  11. MG how you doing

    Dont be a stranger i know you had a good weekend with my sisters

    ethel diedre gladys and pinkie

    They told me to send this pic of them and to tell you to bring the hose,KY and a lot of towels next time

  12. But seriously thanks for the welcome

    See you all around the forums and out in the twisties

  13. Hi Hamma.