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Hi guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by rugbyfiend, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a new rider about to buy my first bike, hopefully tomorrow. I've been waiting and saving for over a year while reading a lot of materials and tomorrow I am going to trip out to the OnTwoWheels dealership in Campbelltown and buy either an R3 or Z300. I posted earlier regarding a few options I'm looking at and would appreciate any help you can offer Please advise regarding first bike purchase

    Do you guys have much else in the way of recommendations for a new rider? I'm 185cm and about 85kg, I've sat on an R3 a few times and found them quite comfortable for my size. I quite like the new MT03 but don't want to wait until May for its release. In terms of other bikes, I don't mind spending up to 6K or a little over, but of course am after a good deal. My main requirement is ABS, and preferably one of the more powerful LAMS bikes, i.e. a 300.

    I have a fair bit of money set aside for gear as well and was planning to buy stuff this weekend, would anyone recommend any shops in Sydney in particular?

    Also, I'm looking for some quiet car parks in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney that I could practice in at night/on the weekends, until I get my skill level up enough for commuting. My new job is pretty close to my house and involves a 12 minute ride/drive around the Moore Park/Randwick area, a pretty cruisy commute I think.

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. Howdy and welcome to the forum.

    Firstly about the bikes you are looking at - quite a difference between a sporty R3 and a z300 naked. Please try your best to get a test ride on both - I'm your size and the sporty R3 position is not so great for real long distances. The more upright z300 will (in my opinion) be easier to commute with. (I still have my old Duke 390).

    Gear - best place is Motorcycle Accessories Superstore in Auburn. Your one stop shop for everything. Please try your best NOT to buy the expensive famous brand gear immediately (except for a helmet) since you will still figure out what you really need during the first few months. Only then go and buy once you know. I have about 5 sets of everything after two years

    Please join the Sydney Learner Sessions held each Saturday at Home bush Olympic Park at 13:00 - please see the seperate thread under events / NSW for more detail on exact location etc. Well worth joining OzYodaOzYoda and team to get some practice and advice.
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  3. Thanks for the tips. How does that shop compare to the CBD one? I'm in the East so the CBD is a lot closer. Cheers
  4. Auburn shop twice the size. A real SUPERstore
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  5. ^ it's more like 5 times the size. Welcome soon to be rider!
  6. Welcome to the addictive world of 2 wheels (with an engine of course!)....enjoy your shopping :)