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Hi guys, wild engine idea for cb400

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by iolithblue, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. hi,

    thanks to some rain and less than stellar piloting skills i now own a written off 09 CB400. it owes me practically nothing, and my next cb400 is due in the garage in a week.

    what can i do with the old one, beyond keeping it for parts? the entire drivetrain is intact, its a bit scratched paint wise, mostly the write off is due to a bend in the engine cradle.

    here is my wild question.

    can i build a turbo motor from the old one, given that its fully running, get it set up, then swap motors? too hard? too stupid? illegal?
  2. Too stupid, waste of $
  3. Are you on restrictions?
  4. Turn it into a track bike
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  5. Lawnmower.
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  6. Just do it, where would we be if people never tried new things.
    A good size turbo would be the ones they used on a starlet gt or one from a charade, if you can find one that is.
  7. Doing a turbo conversion on a fuel injected motor is going to cost you a significant amount. Realistically the turbo and associated parts isn't really too expensive its remapping the ECU and dyno time that will eat massive dollars. If you have the money though would definitely be an interesting project but it will be far from cheap.
  8. not by the time i get it together.
  9. what sort of head space will the standard fuel map have? surely it will try to compensate.
  10. so, slicks, rock hard pads and a shift light?
  11. chainsaw.
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  12. Leafblower. lol
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  13. for ECU, chuck on a Microsquirt (Megasquirts little brother designed for bikes)
    could use a turbo or SC from a Japanese Kei car as they are 660cc and revvy

    or chuck the engine in a Posty bike?
    will it fit in a CB250? CBR250?
  14. Plus crash bungs and clip ons
  15. Unless u are going to do it all yourself and fabricate manifolds etc i can't see it being cheaper than $5k . Then you will prob have the power of a 600-750cc sports bike , u might as well just spend $1500 on a 2nd hand 600cc motor
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  16. I'd be keen to hear your price breakdown.

    Probably more torque than a 600.
  17. Make yourself a go-cart
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  18. Damn, beat me to it! +1 for a 400cc go kart.
  19. you know you want to...

  20. for someone else to do the work 5K would be minimum. do yourself, maybe 1500-2000?

    more torque than 600 = ~8psi or more.
    you'd probably want to limit revs to protect those little rods, or go E85 to soften things up
    bigger injectors, bigger pump (or E85 compatible).
    Turbo (Toyota CT12? Kei car? new BW or garrett?)
    exhaust manifold + exhaust + at least intake plenum.
    wire and plumb it all up..

    then time tuning and hope it doesn't pop :D

    great project for fun, but so much easier to just go the bigger engine route. or superkart :D