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Hi guys new member here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dusAn, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone im Dusan from Melbourne. Just gotten my Learners license and my bike is a gsxr250r.
    The bike itself was bought just as a frame with electrics and the carbies mounted. ive put around $2500 into the bike now, including installing a 1994 bandit engine and getting it running right heres a pic


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  2. Kako ide? dobro dosli :)
  3. Welcome along Dusan. That's a pretty tidy looking bike for something that started as a frame. Well done.
  4. Converting a frame with carbies into a full motorcycle for $2500 is pretty damn impressive, well done.
    Very nice looking bike, really like the colors.
  5. It was a 2month job with alot of hassles and with alot of help from the mechanic from the Suzuki Race team Australia haha ;) The bike goes pretty nicely for a 250, its got some jap carbies which are 2mm bigger than any other 250 suzuki but most of the parts are from a bandit 250.The rwc getting done right now, anyone know what has to be done with vicroads in order to re-register? they said i have to take the bike through the pits so im guessing i call up and book a time for the inspection? heres another pic

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  6. Bonus points if you ride the bike to the road worthy haha
  7. it was taken on a trailer to the roadworthy haha. they said it passed and i can pick it up tomorrow, is it possible to ride back now and ride to vicroads ?
  8. yes it's possible but not legal, think you might be able to go to vicroads, provide them with the road worthy, register your bike and get a rego label off them on the spot, not sure though.
    BTW congrats on building a road worthy bike, that is a commendable effort!
  9. thanks for the help man, going into vicroads today to get a permit and book in for tomorrow to register my bike. Was very scared the mirrors wouldnt pass, they've been a pain i ever had to use RFV400 mirrors i think... Oh does anyone know how to post in the for Wanted part, im looking to buy some gear eg. gloves and pants
  10. You have to be a member.
  11. Looks like a nice bike, well done as well on getting past the road worthy :)