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Hi Guys! - Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rodman, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Have been checking out the forums for a while and finally decided to sign up.

    I started on a VTR250 (great bike!) and still ride it to work everyday. I recently bought an 07 Kawasaki z1000 which I'm still getting used to.

    I'm from Thornbury in the Northern suburbs of Melb and commute into the CBD on a daily basis.

    I try to get up into the hills as much as possible. It's so much better than dealing with city traffic!
    I usually head up to Emerald, Gembrook, Launching Place or sometimes down to Kinglake/Healesville etc with a few mates.

    Wouldn't mind checking out some Netrider group rides.


  2. G'day Jarrod.. I'm a newbie too, but hell, have I already learnt a thing or two.. even my English improved in the last week!.

    A Kawasaki 07 Z1000 you say, what a beast!.. I have been to the city only once on a motorbike.. I walked out, hopped on the bike and did a burnout in the foyer where my lawyers are... I thought they can afford to clean the marble up with my invoice payment!.. Never been back since.

    Welcome and good to screen-meet you.
  3. Welcome Jarrod. I did my first (official) NR group ride on Sunday. It was a blast. Highly recommend you joininng up for one. Victoria is a beautiful place to ride a bike!