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Hi Guys!! looking for fabricator cbr1000rr

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by reachjatt, May 30, 2009.

  1. hi everyone i am looking for fabricator to mod my orginal cbr 1000r exhaust 2007... thought i will take it out and change few things since i don't like the way other exhaust sit ..don't want just drill holes instead thinking of cutting top bit to remove pipes from inside any ideas greatly appreciated...!!!! :( :(

    thanks in advance
  2. Removing baffles can do horrible things to the sound, making it hollow and raspy & evel rattly...

    BUT having said that, it can also to wonderful things! See if you can find anyone that's done something that was effective, or better yet, get a cheap 2nd hand standard can and tickle it :)
  3. Send me a PM,
  4. Maybe look for a stock pipe someone is getting rid of and modify it to keep one in good original condition.

    when i modded my last bike i got all second hand bits and modified them so the bike could go back to original condition if nessassary.
  5. The guy who owned my VTR before me had the pipes gutted and the ends welded back on so that they looked just like standard. But they sounded SUPERB, better than any after-market pipes I have heard on ANY VTR, so, if it's done properly, it can be a very cost-efficient way of improving audibility without sacrificing tractability.

    Doing the mods to another pipe and keeping your stock one in case the job goes bad or for resale later on is a GOOD move, though.