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Hi Guys, just bought a new (used) bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BenJordan, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, been lurking for a while and just upgraded from a '99 Zeal to a 2010 Hyosung GT650r with 3500kms from a dealer. Managed to negotiate a new rear tyre and chain.

    Wondering if you guys might have some little tips to progressing from a smaller naked (tourer?) to the more aggressive seating position and (obviously) bigger engine?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Just ride it mate.......nothing to it :D

    Welcome aboard (y)
  3. bend your arms & get down lower on the bars, smoother on the throttle....thats about it
  4. wow another one, check out the guy that just bought a black one this week,
    welcome bloke ( wrong thread but)

    you NEED to post pics
  5. Been on the Zeal for 2 years, should be right I guess, thank heaps.
  6. Do sit ups to strengthen your core.
  7. Zeal to Hyo = not an upgrade

    LOL just joking, a zeal was my first bike too. Great inline 250.
  8. ..................hehehehehe............................

    No comment
  9. Guys, another quick question. On the ride home (after the bike was supposedly serviced by the dealer) I noticed the Hyo was riding a little rough, even more alarming that at Idle she would splutter and stall.

    Thinking the culprit might be a fouled plug, gobba try and put some NDK iridiums in today. Wondering if you guys had any other thoughts?
  10. I'm not going to say anything...........
    I'm not going to say anything...........
    I'm not going to say anything...........
    I'm not going to say anything...........
    I'm not going to say anything...........
    I'm not going to say anything...........
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  11. Welcome to the world of Hyo ownership.
  12. I hear an echo..echo..echo
  13. After 3,500Km if there's a problem with the plug, the real problem lies elsewhere.
    That's things still under warranty right?
  14. 3500ks, new rear tyre & chain required, does that sound weird to anyone!!!!
  15. Ohh wait, sorry, its a Hyo, my bad!!
  16. Is it me or is there a massive amount of new members with hyo's here all of a sudden?
  17. There are always newbies around who, even though no "recommend me a learner bike" thread has ever suggested ANYONE buy one, will get a Hyo......

    Not a new trend - but one which will never continue to surprise......I wonder what must go through people's minds when they go for a Hyo?

    "I've heard so much BAD about these bikes - but maybe the one I get will be OK?" :confused:

    <shakes head>
  18. Price probably, can't think of any other reason than perhaps masochistic disorders.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. ^^^^ LMAO :rofl: