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Hi guys. I'm new to Netrider and getting back into riding.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Steve Taylor, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Mid life crisis?? Not really, just got a bit of time now that kids are older. Finally putting the GPZ900r back together after she had a long 12 year rest in the back of the garage. Got some new bits, tryes, discs, carbie rubbers and overhauled calipers, cooling system, etc.... just a matter of time till we go out on the town !!

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  2. Good one mate, have fun
  3. Welcome back to riding.
  4. Oh just admit it, midlife crisis it is! Few of us on here are having one, and riding bikes is the best one to have :) Hello and welcome Steve TaylorSteve Taylor!
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  5. Perhaps you're right, lets see how fast I am prepared to go, I guess the faster that is the bigger the crisis!
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  6. BTW does anyone have any suggestions on what fuel I should run on the GPZ, Nno Ethanol, I know but should it be 95 or 98 octane?
  7. Welcome to NR. Post some pics of the bike project. :)
  8. G'day SteveSteve, welcome to Netrider.
  9. Speed + fizzing can definitely lead to a trouser crisis.....

    98 might be too viscous and can foul/gum-up carburetor float and bowl.

    Try 95, maybe even 91.

    Higher octane fuel is most important for high compression EFI engines with sophisticated anti-pining/knock sensors.
  10. I use 91 in my twenty year old VFR.
    let's have some pics of the project, eh?????
  11. Welcome Steve TaylorSteve Taylor enjoy the task and relish the ride! :)
    Who needs a reason to ride...nothing wrong with a really good midlife crisis though...grab it by the ears and ummm enjoy it
  12. welcome aboard :]
  13. welcome to NR Steve...and welcome back to two wheels (y)
  14. Thanks for the ummmm tip !
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