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Hi Guys .... I'm New to bikes ... suggestions will be great

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gugux, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I getting my L's pretty soon. and I'm allready looking for a bike....

    I'm wondering what its the average kilometer for a motorcyles in a year ?
    would anyone know ...

    bikes I'm thinkin of buying :
    Yamah FZR250 compliance 05 1989
    Suzuki Bandit 1993 ( I think this is grey import)
    Honda VTR250 or VT250

    can you please make suggestion about those bikes? or maybe give me some suggestion of other bikes 4 strokes 250cc ?

    hope haering from you guys .... thanks alot ...

  2. Welcome gugux,

    I'd go the VTR, personally I wouldn't touch a grey import for many reasons, first being the over pricing of what is essentially a 20yo bike for starters.

    What's your price range?? Sub $5k or $5-10k??
  3. It would help if you put your location. As NSW have LAMS, you might not be restricted to <260cc like Vic.

    I have a VTR250 and highly recommend them. Great bike to learn on.
  4. Hi Smithy,

    is grey import will be hard to re-sell ?

    my price probs about 1000 - 3000 AUS.

    do you know the average kilo for a motorcycle in a year ?
  5. ehh dont listen to them bikes that u mentioned like spada(that is the VT isnt it) and FZR resell easily and parts are plentifull from wreckers. However they are overpriced (FZR CBR ect) as they are the faster 250 varienty.

    Avg kilometeres doesnt mean much at all, unless its got heaps 50-60thousand plus. by then its starts wanting top end work.
  6. Re: Hi Guys .... I'm New to bikes ... suggestions will be gr

    It will be - though that shouldn't put you off. Bandits are nowhere near as overpriced as a grey import CBR or Hornet. There were some Bandits sold here officially though so finding parts isn't a problem, and resale shouldn't be an issue either. The Bandit has the advantage of having more power than a VT/VTR and has more torque than any other 250 (so doesn't have to rev as hard as an FZR).
  7. I like the Bandit, good learner bike. $1-$3000 no worries, milage? hmmm try get one with under 60,000kms for a 93 model Bandit. Most 88-89 CBR's and FZR's have probably done over 100,000kms but have had their clocks wound back. 20 year old bike with 15,000kms?? I dont think so!
  8. For $3000 with RWC you would be looking at a nice GPX250. You could get some of the 4cyclinder types like the Across and Bandit but they would have high kms or need work for RWC. You can also pick up Spadas for $3000.

    But the GPX for $3000 would be a good bet and wouldn't take too long for you to find a nice one at that price.
  9. I have had a Bandit 250 for about 3yrs.
    It's been a great little bike, and has good power / torque for a 250.
    It is a 1999 aussie delivered model tho.
    No mechanical problems at all and it's quite easy to cover a fair distance on.
    Overall a great bike, you won't be dissapointed if you go that way.
    Plus no fairings if you stack (can happen) and cheap to insure.
  10. yeh you should be able to pick up a nice second hand zzr or gpx for $2500-3000, late ninties with 45-60,000km
  11. what do you mean by the average amount of kms in one year? my 2002 VTR250 had 15000kms on it when i got it about 14 months ago, its now a scratch before 50000kms. are you just going to ride it on weekends, or everyday? long trips? all make a difference
    i like the VTR250, a little beyond your price range though
  12. I'm also considering getting a Bandit, are there any problems that I should be looking out for?

    I may need to put this in its own post.

  13. Well id go with the FZR250 mainly because i have one and being on my L's aswell its a very agile and nice comfy bike to ride. I have also asked a few people on the forums about it and they have some good feedback. I only paid $2800 for mine and i looked at about 5 other bikes before i made my choice but i must admit it was love at first site with my FZR250 :p
  14. FZR good as a bike but a 20-year old grey that wasn't that easy to work on to begin with? No thanks. Also speedos (odometer) on greys are meaningless, and most are rebuilt smashers.

    VTRs are common as muck but good. Bandit or a Kawasaki Balius (if you can find one) are nice... might come down to how many rpm you want. You might be able to find a decent CBR250RR for that money- there's one in my town (Launceston), a good bike but unregistered, for $3000. I'd have the Honda over the other 250/4 sporties- it was an official import and a better bike as well.
  15. You should definitely buy my Spada. ;)
  16. Average K's would depend on your intended purpose for the bike.

    If commuting average could be 8-10k a year. Weekend riding only, you can clock only a few thousand K's a year.

    At the end of the day, you should focus not only on the kms of the bike you're looking at purchasing but also take into consideration the style, age and its condition.

    Be sure to have the bike inspected by yourself or a qualified mechanic prior to purchase, to be safe!