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Hi Guys I am new to road bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bandit, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    I am new to road bikes & would like your recommendations
    Basically I have bought a gsf250, helmet & gloves to start

    Is there anything which is must before I jump on to the bike?
  2. Welcome mate!

    Definitely add a jacket to that gear collection, the bitumen is a harsh mistress!
  3. uh get a licence???? LOL

    As above get some good gear, don't skimp on quality if you can afford it.

    If you can add some good quality kevlar or similar jeans (generaly cheaper than leather) there is a huge difference in the protective qualities of plain old jeans and a pair of rated motorcycle jeans. Good quality boots are a must, make sure if you get shorties they have ankle protection......
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  4. Thank You.
  5. Thank You that was helpful
  6. Welcome aboard :) check out places like AMX and Bikers Gear Australia (BGA) for the jackets.

    I bought two jackets from BGA one leather one meshtech summer jacket both great.

    The leather is still going strong after an off at 40 odd Ks
  7. pfffffffffffftttt,
    We don't have time for your RULES here lol!
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  8. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  9. sure i will buy
  10. Hi all,
    When you say a jacket, does it mean a leather jacket specifically or anything that protects like
    "Outdoor Racing Motorcycle Full Body Armor Chest Protective Jacket Gear" which I searched & found on eBay
  11. BanditBandit have a look at AMX in Tullamarine. They have a good selection of gear and aren't too hard on the wallet.

    Good starter gear to be found there.

    As for the jacket style, that comes down to what you like.

    You can get both leather and textile with body armour in them that will suit your needs & fit style.
    Like most of us, eventually you will end up with a few jackets.. Winter / Summer etc


  12. welcome Bandit,

    with regards to jackets, in my opinion, leather offers most protection in a slide, and a bonus if it has shoulder, elbow and back portection, hot in the summer, no good in winter if it rains a lot.

    Textile jackets have many combinations of options built into them, ( venting, different waterproofing options, thermal zip out liners, elbow, shoulder and back protection) but don't hold up as well as leather if sliding down the road, textile jackets made of nylon are more abrasive resistant than polyester constructed jackets but the price is a lot higher as well.

    Same can be said for different types of pants as well,, With kevlar (aramide) lined jeans, it is recommended to get the ones that have a knitted inner lining rather than a weaved inner lining as the construction is more robust under duress. l think bull-it jeans use their own inner lining technology.

    I am also looking into purchasing full body armour that hopefully fits comfortably under existing jacket, but not sure about the comfotable bit being achievable, have my eye on the dainese manis body armour jacket.

    Hope this info is helpful, cheers.
  13. Hi Bandit welcome, gsf250 good bike to learn on, upright position and less stress on the wrist, I recommend getting some shoes with no laces, trust me easier to change gears.
  14. Definitely go here, good stuff, I have asked my family to get me gift vouchers for there for Xmas haha
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    BanditBandit Mate I have multipe jackets and pants, (Leather and textile), textile jackets are pretty good as far as protection and flexibility. I have a dririder air ride textile jacket and have just ordered a new version, Which looks like this. Dririder Air-Ride 3 Black/Red Jacket

    Not a bad jacket, comfortable and with pretty good protection. At the end of they day you can go crazy and get the most expensive leather jacket out there first off or try the cheaper alternative until you find the style you want. That said there are plenty of alternatives mate, go and try them all.
  16. Welcome, Bandit, to the dodg'em game!
    I am new to this forum biz having been the 'lone biker' these last few years, wandering the eastern half of Oz in a moto rhome dragging, first a KLR650, & now a Super Tenere behind!
    I am looking for some dudes, and/or dudesses, who want to do some touring & don't mind an old bloke to be bringin' up your rear.