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Hi Guys another newbie.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AeroJake, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Thought I'd better introduce myself my names Jake im from bendigo central victoria,

    I have been riding road only a year and a bit but grew up on the dirt.

    My current ride is a rollstart 1988 FZR 250 2KR lol soon to be a normal elec start once I sort out this bloody charging problem.

    I look foward to contributing when I can I think this is a great forum with plenty of info and the people seem great.
  2. G'day Jake.
  3. Welcome to NR...
  4. Welcome Jake!
  5. welcome jake,

    i bet you're getting good at roll starts!
  6. welcome aboard Jake :]
  7. G'day Jake.
    Very useful those roll starts. Replacing my battery is on my round2it list.

    All the best people come from Bendigo. Plenty of nice roads when you get out of town. Problem will be deciding to go back home.
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  8. Welcome AeroJakeAeroJake. You know, downhill roll starts are supposed to be easier. Now there's a good tip. ;)
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  9. Thanks for all the welcomings guys.
    Yeah im definitely a master at roll starts now lol hopefully not for much longer :)