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Hi guys and girls from Melb!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Clemo, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hi all, its nice to be here.

    I am fairly new to riding, I rode dirt bikes about 10 years ago but I have now just got my Ls, at Motorcycle Motion, and am looking forward to getting stuck into riding again.

    As with most newbies it seems I am looking at a VTR250 for my first bike. They dont seem to be on sale for long, the last six people I called say they have either taken a deposit or just sold it! Oh well there will be a bike in my shed soon, I hope.

    Bring on summer nights and the open road!
  2. welcome to NR Clemo, might be a vtr for sale on here, you never know your luck in a big city!! sat morn prac sessions get down there and mingle
  3. Yes? oh sorry, thought you called me for a second.

    Welcome to NR Clemo.
  4. welcome aboard Clemo.
    I did my licensing at Motorcycle Motion. I found them a pretty good bunch down there
  5. Hi Clemo and welcome to NR
  6. Thanks guys, great to be here and to have the bike in the shed finally :)
  7. Hey there & welcome
  8. Welcome

    VTRs last as long as snowflakes on a warm day in the open market, don't they??

    Netrider goes through phases where a lot of new riders come off restrictions and put their bikes up for sale, but there are more 'starters' than 'finishers' on here at the moment, I think...
  9. Welcome aboard Clemo - nice to have you along.