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Hi from yet to be a new rider..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cash, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. If the title make sense?

    G'day all.. Cash here from Melbourne S.E Suburb.. 30+ Male.
    I've decided to do something which I should have done long time ago.. riding a bike... I've taken the first step.. book myself in for a 2 days learner permit course next month... and I really can't wait..

    Have to say .. this site is awesome.. and has bucket load of information... that's probably I couldn't (or too lazy) to find the information I want ..)

    Newbies question: As usual...

    1. Looking for the first bike... preferebly Honda (dun ask me why..) I like something sportier.. being 5 feet 10 and 80Kgs... Looking at CBR250/R/RR
    Any advice on this? or perhaps I should be looking at VTR250 or CBF250 and change to something bigger when I get the full P.

    2. Insurance... I am on rating 1 for cars at the moment.. is that relavant? If not, how much would I be looking at for CBR250?

    3. Anyone can recommend where to get gears such as suits and pants, helmet etc in melbourne?

    4. The mentor thingy is very good... but can anyone help the newbies to lookfor the first bike.. even with a small fees.. ? Is there such service? I really dunno what to look for.

    5. I probably need some help to ride to work (city) in the first 2 weeks.. (just a bit worried I suppose)... is that what the mentor service for?

  2. Welcome, welcome (i've only been here a few week or so myself)

    Cant realy help you much on choice of 250 or insurance costs.

    I buy just about all my NEW gear from Sharptune in Dandy, some people i know cant stand them but they've always given me good service and will crunch on prices.

    These days i always look on e-bay first BUT beware of getting caught up in a bidding war, if i cant get something CHEAP on e=-bay i prefer to buy new.
    Also ask around here on the forum for gera/bikes, people always seem to be selling stuff off.

    Personaly i'd avoid the city untill your comfortable on the bike, a couple of day rides down the peninsular, bay be a run down to PI or out to coldstream.
  3. good on ya cash,enjoy 2 wheel magic before its govend out.honda alright
  4. Congratulations in taking the first step in owing and riding a bike. I am sure you will enjoy this site and your bike, whatever you decide to buy. :biker:
  5. Welcome on board - hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us.
  6. In answer to your Q's:

    1: I'm 5'10 also and find the CBR250RR very small and not so comfortable on longer rides, if you're going to be spending a lot of time on the bike you might want to look around and sit on many bikes as you'll be stuck riding the 250 for the next 15months!!

    2: Not too sure on what your insurance will end up costing you, it will vary depending on; what bike you chose, where you live, where the bike is kept, how long you've been riding etc. but if you look HERE you should find some useful info that others have posted.

    3: Redwing Honda are having a sale on 21st june, there's a thread about that HERE

    4: not sure, I took my cousin with me when looking for my bike as he's been riding and buying bikes for about 20yrs...

    5: Where abouts are you riding from, and what time do you leave for work in the mornings? I come from S.E Melb also, but leave about 5:30am so it may be a bit early for you?? just let me know...
  7. Hi cash, welcome to the forums. I cant really give you any advise as i only got my bike and learners last year.
    As for riding into the city for work..... if you want to follow my partner Deb (flipper) and myself into Friday night coffee once you are on the road, let us know. We live in Mulgrave.
  8. Thanks for all the reply.. and offer to keep me companied when I get my L...
    must appreciated..

    I reckon in that case, I will look for a CB250, CBF250 or VTR250 for the time being.. probably easier to ride for beginners.. until I get to a full license..

    I do like the sportier CBR250RR tho.. :(

    I did an online quote (RACV) for the CBR250RR comprehensive.. the premium turn out to be like $1200+ ??? Is that normal? Even if I go for a normal VTR250... it's like over $1000 as well...

    Ahh.. with Shannons.. that's better... $600 full comprehensive..
  9. on line quotes for bikes suck and have no relationship to prices you can actualy get
  10. If you like the cbr250 just get it, i always found it to be a great learner bike expecially if you plan on upgrading to another sportsbike.

    They only really get uncomfortable when you're on it for more than 2-3 hours without a real break, daily commuting is no problem for me and i'm about 5'10.

  11. Err I thought you had to have your full licence for at least 2 (or 5?) years to get insured with Shannons
  12. You sure? They didn't mentione anything.. Let me double check
  13. And i'm pretty sure they only allow you to ride it once in a blue moon too
  14. Hey cash,

    I'm a n00b as well.

    I just bought a VTR250 and I'm 5'8", 70kg. It has an almost perfect foot position, except I'm just getting used to the pegs being slightly back from my waist and shoulders. I looked at a GSF250 (bandit) and YamahaFZX250 (Zeal). The Bandit was great as it had a little more power than the VTR, and I liked the Zeal's double exhaust. But in the end, I opted for the VTR as an all-round package. Have to say, the VTR is REAL easy to ride. Has great balance and perfect performance for someone my size.

    Cheers, hope you get something ya love!!
  15. Hi Cash, VTRs are a great bike, especially for learners.

    You might like to check out Swann Insurance through Honda Riders Club I pay $363 a year on my VTR.

    Dont forget to fill out your profile.

    Welcome to the forum.

  16. ohh .. yeah .. profile... sorry.. too carried away..

    $363 for L's or full license? I might give them a call to find out..

    Yeah .. VTRs are great bike... I might consider that... the problem is if I am into big sportsbike.. I reckon I will be better of starting with CBR250Rs to learn all the skill of handling a sportbike?
  17. I would think seriously about going with Swann regardless of their low prices.

    I had an at fault accident in my car a couple of years ago and although they approved my claim, dealing with them was a massive hassle that went on for about 5 months (with me contacting them more than once a week). Then they tried to add $1700 a year to my premium. Friends have also had similar experiences with them when claiming at fault accidents.
    That said, I'm sure people have had some decent dealings with them too.

    I'm also looking at getting my first bike in the next few months. I got my learners last Saturday, and I'm slowly buying my gear, after I have finished getting it all and moved house I'll be on the market for a VTR250 or CB/CBF250. I can't wait. :D
  18. Holster.. wanna share with me what you have bought so that I don't get rip off? :D
  19. I have a Shoei TZ-R helmet I got for $500.
    Dainese gloves red and black for $150
    I'm looking a a pair of alpinestar boots second hand.

    I'm having a few problems getting a jacket though.
    I'm a 16 ladies (waist and shoulders) but a 18/20 in the chest, I have tried on the mens jackets but the ones that will zip up swim on my shoulders and elbows and the arms are far to long, I'm looking at getting a custom jacket from Tiger Angel.

    Do any of the female members here know of any brands that might be able to fit me off the rack?

  20. Have you looked at any of the Ixon gear ... they are a great fit and also very reasonably priced for ladies gear.