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Hi from Yet another Sydney Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by suzyq, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just thought I'd introduce myself and ask some advice of course! My name is Sue, I'm from the Blue Mountains and I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and get my motorcycle licence.. I'm doing the prelearner course on the 28th Feb - 1st Mar... so what? you might think... Well, I guess I am having my mid life crisis! Life's too short to just sit back and watch! :)

    Anyway, I have next to no motorcycle experience but i have good balance and can drive a manual car!! so I'm sure i can do this. However, I am height challenged being only 5'1". Now I had a friend suggest a Suzuki Across would be a good first bike and it all seems good from the reviews i have read.. however not being able to sit on one just at the moment.. will i be able to touch the ground LOL? Are there any other height challenged (read SHORT) riders out there with one of these bikes? I think that by the time I buy the bike, gear and insurance I won't be able to afford to have the height lowered so that is not an option..

    Also i have been looking at the ads in Just Bikes and does anyone have any experience buying a bike from Sumoto?


  2. Hey Sue, its never "so what" from us ;)

    Welcome to Netrider and soon to be the motorcycle community

  3. get your membership for discounts on various things https://netrider.net.au/?page=membership

    and come along to coffee nights even if you dont have a bike yet you will get to meet others and hear from them about the learners courses pick up some riding tips while your there

    not sure how much of a chore it would be to come from blue mountins, if you dont have transport yet, you can come by train to lidcome then the shuttle to the brewery . last train leaves at 1130p, i think.
  4. Honda spadas are pretty low.
  5. Sue, it doesn't matter how tall you are, it depends how long your legs are!

    Yamaha's SRV250 (my number 1 pick!) is a great looker, good price and not too tall, as is Honda's Spada and CB250. You might even fit on the older Honda CBR250r's. Suzuki's Katana 250 and (early) Bandit 250 would also be suitable perhaps.

    Most of the cruiser-style 250's would suit you fine, but not everyone's cup of tea.

    I was under the impression that the Across was on the larger side for a 250? Best to go have a sit on one.
  6. Hi Sue

    Welcome to the community. :grin:

    As for the motorbike, don't forget that if you have a gold drivers licence and over 30 you qualify as a 'Mature Age Rider' in NSW. See: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/gettingalicence/motorcycle/mature_aged_riders.html?llid=10

    This means that you can bypass all the time and P plate restrictions (except the No Pillion passenger for a year), are not restricted to the LAM approved bikes :grin: (as long as you have passed your L's), and off course given the government the money :(
    Also the L's can last as short as 1 week :p - just enough time for the RTA to do the paperwork.

    All up this means that when you do find a bike you like, don't worry about if it is on the 'approved' list, as you can bypass this hassel.
  7. Sue, welcome, and have a chat to Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles, www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au

    Steve imports and spruces up Honda Spadas, and they have a nice low seat height. I'm sure he can advise you, at least about that model.....
  8. +1 to Hornets suggestion.


    Oh, and welcome to the forums...
  9. Hi Sue .
    Come along to the coffee night at the homebush bay brewery(olympic park} like Dante said there is a few L and P plate riders and you can sit on a few learner bikes like mine and see how they feel and ask 1000 questions.
  10. Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your advice i will take it on board :) and check it out over the next couple of weeks.

    Now has anyone done the pre-learner course with Ride it Right at the Regatta Centre in Penrith before? As i said before i have no prior experience riding a bike and have heard conflicting reports about how difficult the course is..

    ok next question, i have done a little research and am deciding what type of jacket to buy, cordura or leather. I am leaning toward the leather, although it is hotter, we are going into winter and i live in the mountains :)! I think as a learner i would prefer the better protection that leather seems to give. what does everyone think? I thought i could always buy a summer weight jacket later.

    Thanks again for all your helpful advice. It's great to be able to ask people who have been there before recently. Most of the people i know riding bikes have been doing it for years and they dont understand what we have to go through! LOL!


  11. for lerners, if i remember correctly, mind you it was a long time ago for me. its very easy. they just teach you how to safely start the bike and turn off the bike aswell as the gearing finding nutural. then you ride round in circles do some T intersection stuff.

    its basicly about taking somebody with 0 experince up to a level where they can control the bike. i dont think anybody fails unless you fall off.