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Hi from Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ladyfonz, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I recently returned to netrider after recommending the forums as a useful tool to the young guy that bought my LAMS bike and thought I would come back and check it out myself!
    I upgraded last week to a 2013 Street Triple R and am having an absolute ball (with a very covetous partner who is still on his LAMS bike for a couple of months)
    Well, that's it. It's nice to...... meet you? (y)
  2. Hi from another Wollongonger, ladyfonz :)

    We'll probably see each other on the road sometime......
  3. Welcome ... errrrm ... back? ;)
  4. Make sure you *gasp* nod. :)
  5. Welcome back
  6. ....are you hot?
  7. Oh yes. I was actually a Victoria's Secret model up until a couple of months ago, living the high life in NY, Milan, London, St Barts.......

    I am so hot that men would push their wives off bridges and high buildings so they could be with me, women would envy me everywhere I went and young girls would want to grow up to look just like me and their favourite sexualised doll combined.

    Despite all of this, I have decided to settle down in Wollongong and work long hours in the unforgiving hospitality industry.
    And I never want to see Milan again. I hate that city.
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  8. My sarcasm detector ... I think you broke it.
  9. Yeah, it needs it's own font.
  10. ....sure...your the reason i'd push my wife off a building...yeah...that's it.
  11. Safer you stay close to the ground. :D
  12. Welcome anyway miss...hope you enjoy the forum in all it's new n shiny glory
  13. Hey from the original STR in the Gong! If you see a matte graphite with a bit of bling that's mine. Great bike you couldn't have made a better choice. Unless it was you that selected the white STR from City Coast instead of the beautiful graphite next to it. White is so girly....but then again.
  14. Haha, no. Mine is "phantom black", oooooo.......

    Were you riding at Scarborough on Monday? Someone was going south on a street and gave me a wave!

    I don't like the white that much either.
  15. Na I tend to stay away from the national park. I'm more of a southern highlands/ K Valley guy.

    Nice choice on the Phantom Black. I was choosing between the graphite and black in 2010....love the gold rims.
  16. Welcome back to NR from another Gong rider. Nothing wrong with the park and the road through coledale and scarborough. Great basic feed at Coledale RSL too. We have some great roads here and south of the gong. Nice choice of the Street triple R too. Enjoy the ride...
  17. Yep, some goods roads down the 'gong way and surrounds. I'll keep an eye open for you.
  18. We've been doing a stack of riding lately, mostly kangaroo valley and highlands, and coffe and breakfast in Bundeena on Sunday if the weather stays nice....... Was great to spend all weekend on the bike with the gorgeous weather we had last weekend!
  19. And that ^^^ ladies and gentlemen is how to answer the "are you hot" question

    I tip my hat to you Ladyfonz
  20. Well, it's all just a bit of fun innit? (y)