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Hi from Wagga

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by anne, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Thought I'd join up here after the invaluable help I found browsing here when looking at getting back into bikes. I've been out of bikes for 10 years (kids!), and with the price of juice, running a 7 seater around when the kids are at school was getting a bit much. So back onto a bike :)

    Due to a severe case of ducks disease, I was pretty limited to what I could buy, but after a lot of scrounging and googling, I settled on a Yamy Scorpio. Not the most exciting thing out, but does what I want it to do - an around town runabout.

    The biggest shock was finding out that my leathers (made 20 years ago....) dont quite fit me anymore. Good incentive to lose some of the middle aged spread, as I love my Mars jacket.
  2. Hi Anne,

    It's amazing, but even I have lost a few kilos since interest in bikes developed! Use it!

    Welcome to NR.

  3. Hi anne! I'll have to buy you a coffee next time i'm in wagga. My in-laws are up there, so i get up there infrequently. Some not so bad roads to cruise on around there, though i am yet to bring the bike up.

    Be safe anne, have fun, and don't let the kids drive you mad in school holidays!
  4. As I remember, you'd need a bit more of a Mars jacket to ride in Wagga Wagga in winter-time :LOL:.

    Welcome to the best motorcycling community on the 'Net :).
  5. Yep, got one of those AVGSports yibbideeyah jackets with the removable lining and armour and all of that stuff that was not around when I had bikes before - and I cook in the thing if I have a jumper on and the lining in

    Cheers big-ears :LOL:

    Waiting for a mate of mine (an IRL mate) to spot me here - I've already found him - didn't know he was a member here till I found a post of his. But he's not a spam addict (as I get called on Whirlpool), so he may not find me :p
  6. How does the scorpio go? I did my Ls test on one and loved it for being so easy to ride and they're so cheap. I almost bought one before hearing about the LAMS laws in Vic and deciding on a GS500 instead.

    Oh yeah, welcome to the site - I read a bit before deciding to join too.
  7. Pretty damn good for what it is. Light and flickable and perfect for running around town. I wouldnt take it out on the highway, but would definitely chuck it around a set of twisties (with some decent rubber).
  8. Sounds like fun. I'm kind of disappointed I didn't go with the scorpio. Cheap, and like you say it was sooo light. If I did I'd have been riding for the last 2 months instead of waiting for LAMS laws and a bigger bike.