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Hi from Wagga

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dobbo, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    just joined here, so I can find riders within my local area, Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    I ride both Tar & Dirt and do most my riding around the Snowies and N.E Vic.
    I just enjoy a social ride at a leisurely pace now-a-days, after a major off 2 years ago, I now just enjoy riding without the risktaking.:-({|=

    Been doing the Adventure riding thing for the last few years, but just recently picked up a road bike.

  2. Hi and welcome to Netrider Dobbo.
  3. welcome to NR
  5. G'day Mate, and welcome. I'm from Wagga aswell, and ride those exact roads you just mentioned. What sort of bike are you riding?
  6. Welcome to NR Dobbo.

    By the sounds of it you have a lot of experience in bikes. So Im sure your knowledge wont go astray.

    We will have to organise some runs or something soon. Im in Junee so not far away. If you guys have any ideas just put them on the Wagga Riders forum. I will try and revive it now.


  7. Hey Dobbo. I am from Wagga as well. Am always keen for a ride.
  8. There's a Wagga riders forum? 0_o
  9. Dashy. It is in the General Discussion Forum. I revived it thisarvo.


  10. thanks for the replies.
    I found the other thread, so might give the Redback's a call.

    In the past I just sent a text out to all riders that I know, usually at short notice, then just let them know that I am leaving at a certain time and from where.
    So not really an organised ride, just letting them know when and where I am leaving from. As I have read on other forums about problems with liability issues that have arisen from organised social rides.

    Looking at riding this Friday.... may even leave Thursday and do a 2 day trip around N.E Vic. depending on the weather (yeah I know, bloody fair weather rider..:jerk:)

    I will keep a check on the other Wagga thread from now on.