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Hi From Wagga Wagga NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dashy, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. G'day All,
    Just an introductory post really. My name is Michael, I'm 23 and from Wagga Wagga NSW. I've been riding for the last 2 and a half years or so (always had the interest but didn't have the $$ before then to ride or own one) and i ride a 2010 GSX650F, which I've put quite a bit of money and work into to get it just how i want it. I know a few of you blokes from the 650F forums (Whitey, Nitekreeper, Darrell and a few others), and have always sort of lurked in the shadows of this forum, but until now haven't made a point of joining. Thought i had better extend my social interaction beyond the reaches of other GSX riders.

    I love my MotoGP and have made the pilgramage down to the island every year since i started riding (a tradition that won't be stopping anytime soon as i love it!) and am sitting here night after night in anticipation of the 2012 season start!

    I frequent the snowy mountains highway as far as Jindabyne and home in a day on every weekend i can get out there with a few mates, and love every moment of it!

    Anyway, thought I'd post a few pics of my girl just to say g'day, and hope to be talking to you in the near future :D






    And please don't judge me for my shameful chicken strips in photo number 3! It was a new tyre, a long weekend and a fun and legal day was had by all :p
  2. nice bike looked like a nice day for you!! welcome to NR
  3. Holy s***, what a stunner!!!
    Great looking ride, especially with the exhaust(Yoshimura?)

    Welcome to the forum btw

  4. Welcome to NR and that is one awesome looking bike! (y)
  5. Hehe getting a bit quiet elsewhere, Dash? :D
    My F is definitely coming back now, so I'm looking forward to hooking up for the ride into GP if you're still up for it...
  6. Welcome Man!

    Hey! Didn't know my bike was getting a mention in photo 5! ;)
    Ah, photos from the Island!
  7. That is a top looking SV in those photos... And a top looking bloke in the Gunners shirt at the Island there. :D

    Great photos mate.
  8. Thanks all. First off, yeah JR, it's a stainless steel yoshi R77 slip on. The Yoshi's sound really good on the 650F's. They just don't quite rev hard enough though. My bikes nothing special, but it's mine, and that's why i like it. Definately keeps me interested.

    And yeah NK, ever since your untimely departure from 650F.Biz forum, post traffic has ground to an almighty halt lol. I had to reach out to other forums for my daily dose of "NK logic". I saw you had settled in comfortably on this forum so decided to jump aboard :)

    As for St33l3y and Vogstar, unfortunately everybody, i have the displeasure of being associated with these 2... "gentlemen" on an almost weekendly basis lol. Normally if there's a blue GSX racing the roads throughout the snowy's, there's likely to be a black SV and a silver coloured Hyosung about 250 metres in front of it lol.
  9. Sweet looking bike mate. Welcome to NR :)