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Hi from Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Louis, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. #1 Louis, Apr 13, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
    Hi guys,

    I'm 25 years old currently living in Burwood East in Victoria.

    I've never been hugely confident on two wheels, since an accident I had when I was little on a bicycle, so learning to ride is kind of a personal challenge for me. Eventually I'd like to see myself commuting as it suits my work as an Operating Theatre Technician perfectly.

    I'm planning on going for my Ls in June when my course is over and I have more cash lol. So atm just doing lots of research and wishing it was June now...

    I've already discovered a couple of bikes in my price range: CB125e, Suzuki Across and the CBR250RR. I'm planning on not spending too much cash on a learner bike and then upgrading later when my confidence is up. If anyone has any other bike suggestions that'd be much appreciated :)

    Looking forward to coming to some beginner meets and meeting supportive new people.

    Cheers for reading!
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  2. Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
  3. Haha thanks mate :)
  4. :]Welcome aboard
  5. Welcome aboard.

    My advice would be to stretch the budget a little further.

    The bikes listed in the OP will be more trouble than they're worth.

    Aim for ~$5000 on-road, ready to go.

    VTR250, Ninja-250, GS500, ER5, SV650 - all better choices.
  6. Hi there and welcome :)

    I can vouch for the 2008 Ninja 250, especially if you're not too confident yet - easy to ride and clutch is quite forgiving. Although in hindsight I should have gone for the VTR250, as I've dropped mine a couple of times :oops:

    Anyways good luck with your course, research and L's
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  7. Good thing you put up a pic of yourself... You get to skip the initiation: being asked "are you hot?" :p
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  8. Thanks for the replies guys :)

    CBR250R was the first bike I saw that I really liked that's a good little learner. I just started looking at some cheaper options as well and the ones in the OP were some of the ones that came up. What are some of the probs I'd be expecting to have to deal with on something like the Across? Seen lots of posts of people happy with those and they seem like they've got a little extra go for the freeway...

    Do you think when I start commuting that the cbr250r would be alright for 15mins on the freeway? They look like a nice bike I'm looking forward to trying sitting on one :D
  9. Welcome Louis, Don't forget to budget for the gear as well, boots, helmet, jacket, gloves etc.
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  10. Don't forget undies... A pair will be soiled occasionally! ;)
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  11. :) Definitely if you are doing it right, perhaps one of those 10 packs ;)
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  12. Welcome to Netrider, and to the buzz of riding
  13. Welcome to netrider. I whole heartedly recommend the VTR as a lot of fun. Not the most refined bike but still a lot of fun.
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  14. Yeah I've been looking at info about these vtr250s. They sound like a good choice :) Great looking for a beginner bike too.

    Would their cornering ability be good for the Ps test when I get to that point? I've heard some beginner bikes are better for the cornering tests than others?

    Thanks for all the helpful advice guys and girls. I'm getting really excited! :D
  15. The cornering test is so piss easy you could do it on a unicycle and still pass.
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  16. Welcome Louis.
    If you do your tests at HART (Kilsyth) then they supply the bikes for all of the tests. CB250's or 400's.
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  17. Sorry to bump but thought I'd update this. After many delays I've booked my L's test for mid-March. Tossing up between a ninja250 and vtr250 now.

    Very nervous about the test. I've been riding my bicycle when I get the chance for some balance. Wish me luck :)
  18. LouisLouis awesome that you've booked it in.. All the best with the test.

    Are you doing the full day session?
  19. Hi Louis,

    Good to hear you have booked in for your L's. Who are you booked in with?

    Try and calm the nerves a bit, I know that is easier said than done. From talking to instructors they generally say people more often have problems with nerves than the actual skills. If you are doing one of the courses utilise all the practice time they give you. Ridetek have a list of the skills test HERE. Left Curve, RIght Curve Braking to a stop and a swerve test. The cornering and swerve tests you can practice with your pushie. Braking practice is less applicable on the pushie.

    Good Luck, Stay Calm, You will be OK and if the nerves get the better of you then it's not the end of the world you can resit the test at a later date.
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  20. All the best...drive down to Saturday practice if you feel like. I'm sure a chat with Doug and Dave will lift your spirits up. And check out all the bikes..

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