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hi from Vermont South

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Red23, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. hi everyone, just wanted to say a quick hi and introduce myself. My name is Red and I currently ride a candy pink Aprilia RS 125.
    iv owned a GPX 250. very nice bike to learn on. currently loving my RS125 however it's time to upgrade to a bigger bike.
    hope to get chattin with you guys and maybe meet up for rides.

  2. Welcome, Red, and GO THE TWO STROKES!!!!!
  3. welcome to netrider
  4. Welcome to the forum Red, any idea on the upgrade?
  5. Hi Vermont south... Welcome aboard
  6. Pink, 2 stroke, Vermont? Welcome I think :grin:
  7. [​IMG]Red23

    Go the GPX :grin:
  8. thank you all for the lovely welcome.
    Pete, iv always wanted a kawasaki zx6r so im leaning towards that at the moment.
    hehe, yes, i know the bike is pink...but it's not exactly pink pink...i liked the color as it catches people's attention which is what i want when im in traffic...try to be as highly visible as possible.
  9. Welcome Red, see you on the road
  10. welcome red. i'll keep a look out for red GPX
  11. thanx mate...but it's actually a pink Aprilia RS 125
  12. Welcome Red
    I test rose an RS250 - How much fun was THAT (when it worked)!!
  13. Have you seen a girl in Vermont South who rides a Red Bull FZR250 Yamaha?
  14. no i havent seen her around? what's her name, if i see her ill make sure to say hi.
  15. Welcome Red!!!

    I ride a black & green GPX and love it
    also thinking of my upgrade but I am leaning towards the GSX750F

    will keep an eye out for you and say hi

  16. Welcome to the loony bin!
  17. hi red.
    not too far from vermont sth here.

    not that near either...

    ... umm welcome.

    hope to see you at a coffee or ride soon.
  18. Well she won't be ridding anymore because I bought her bike off her. She is from Vermont South though!
  19. congrats...was she hot? is she near the shoppin centre?
  20. Coffee

    Hi Red, I'll keep an eye out too. I live in Ringwood Nth but my sis lives in Vermont so I'm there a bit.

    Has anyone told you about coffee nights in Boronia on a Tuesday?
    Its in the Vic events thread.