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Hi from United States, New Jersey

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NJBMWRIDER, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hi - I'm Gigi, my friend, curtaingirl.... introduced me to this forum.

    I have visited Australia a few years ago, and actually got to ride with some of the girls out there in Melbourne - WIMA. Had a great time. Rented a Ducati Monster.

    I ride an 1150R BMW and have been riding for 30 years (wow, did I say 30 years!)

    Anyway, nice to meet all of you!

  2. I know all about you :grin:

    Well no not really, but CG did warn me about you.

  3. Ahhhh, women that people warn you about are the best kind :)

    And welcome NJBMWRIDER
  4. Hi, Gigi, welcome! :grin:
  5. uh, oh, CG warned you about me! Ah, she's the best!

    Wish I were where you guys are!

    Good thing I ride to work in NYC, cause this weekend is a total washout.
  6. hi!!! I went on the ride with you when you were here.... the canadian that used to have the Spada.

    CG told me you were online here! Welcome!! When are you visiting us again?

  7. Hi Nola! How are you?

    I had to cancel my trip to Australia this year. I'm hoping for next year. I'd love to meet up and ride with you all again.

    I would really love to live in Australia!

  8. Welcome to the madness we call Netrider.
  9. thank you all for your warm welcome
  10. Welcome to our down-under forum, you can always be assured of a warm welcome with Netrider, both on the 'Net and in real life
  11. So who is coming out to the States? It's almost Summer here?

  12. welcome to the forums. i am sure you will get a good laugh in here..
  13. Nice bike, Blue!

    Hey, you Aussie's don't have too many Harley's down under do you? Believe me, I'm not a Harley person at all, just wondering.

    I'm pondering going back to Jap bikes myself, my Beamer is giving me nothing but problems, and the maintenance costs are out of this world!

    Guess that's the cost of having toys, huh?
  14. Good ol gal

    Wilkommen,dont know bout States,only went in and ot of it on a couple of wrong turns,but rode across Canada few years back and was PLEASANTLY surpirsed by the amount of woman on bikes,should organise an international bike exchange.
  15. Hey Movin - lots of women on bikes out here. Actually, I was President of a women's motorcycle club up till last year. I devoted myself to teaching women how to ride, and it was fun for 4 years.

    Everything can't last forever, but I've established friendships with women that really ride. Don't get me wrong, I ride with men too. No discrimination on this side of the world!

    I just hit 20,000 miles on my 2004 1150R, and I don't ride in the winter. Riding is who I am.

    But what was really cool was when I went to Australia a few years ago, and I contacted several women motorcycle clubs over there, and WIMA of Melbourne hosted a small ride for me. I will never forget how warm and friendly and kind everyone was to a complete stranger. And the best part - I have a wonderful friend and other acquaintances in Australia now. Now how cool is that!
  16. Yeah we're a friendly bunch,Canadians where absolutely fantastic to me,nothing but welcomed with open arms,everywhere,the whole way across.Im sure I would have had same same if I rode cross States,any country I have been to if their divorced from nature and live in concrete jungle cities,people are hard,Canadians very in touch with nature,nature flows,everythings works in harmony to help the other,International study last year realeased of world,s most liveable cities,came up Van Couver and Melbourne equal pegging,for all round quality of life,what with the rockies on your doorstep to ride,either States side or Canadian side,I would be pretty happy too,off to bed now,we in darkness here,its 12.07 am Monday morn,good night,lovely to make your aqaintence.
  17. Just thinking bout you Gigi, and checked and found that youve said hi already! I helped org the Ducati from eddie Garner for Gigi. my only prob was I forgot to tell her how roundabouts work! I zipped through ( south morang pub ) and she just followed me without looking! wow was that close. my bad. :( Gigi was captain of "the riding divas" a chapter of women in the wind. I am hoping to get over to see her within 2 years.
  18. Ah a belated welcome to you Gigi, i only just found this thread.

    Glad you enjoyed Australia. I would love to do a big bike trip right across the US, its one of my dreams. One day i hope, one day :)

    Yes roundabouts would have been interesting for you!!! Not to many 4 way intersections out here with 4 stop signs.
  19. Hey Hey Hey,

    I will be there from the 7th of july to the 23rd of July.... mainly West Coast.... Although, I am going to Martha's Vinyard (Cape Cod) for a weekend as a buddy had a holiday house that way and apparently there are awesome beach parties
  20. Hey Gigi,

    It's Fleur, I met you when you were out here last time, and we all went riding. The monster sounded awesome..:)
    I had a few drinks at your BBQ afterwards...and that made things interesting trying to return the monster..:) Remember trying to get it up that step at the back of the shop!!? hee hee..
    Hope to see you again soon..