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Hi from the UK soon to be Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rembrandt, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hi every one from the Uk , going through the visa process at the moment and hope to be in brisbane early next year , been riding for around 23 years and ride a Yamaha YZF750 at the moment trying to decide if to import it when we come over or to sell before we leave trying to find out what biking is about in Australia and what type of bikes etc are ridden and popular as the sportsbike rules here in the UK

    thanks Dave :grin:

  2. hi rembrant :) welcome to the forums mate. good luck with the visa.
    riding i think is pretty much the same the world over. you have your 'groups' that like this or that bike more than the others. Personally, i'd sell your bike then have fun learning our roads by trying out some new bikes :biker: never know what you might get to ride he he he.
  3. Welcome to NR Dave ! .. and very soon, to Oz :wink:
    I'm sure you'll find the 'perfect' bike for you right here. I'd leave your bike there, unless you are that emotionally attached to her.