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Hi from the Sydney Hills district...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DannyN, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I am new to riding having done my Pre 'L' course last week and 'L's the next day and the newish bike a beautiful VTR250 on Tuesday this week...

    I am having a ball. Have ridden close to 150k's so far. Gee that was fun.

    I live in Baulkham Hills if there are any other noobs out there please feel free to be in touch to go for a ride.

  2. Mate *points to profile location*. Welcome!

    Coming to the newbie ride in Homebush?

    Saturday at 1:00PM --> Linkything

    It'll be my first time that far from home :D

    Fun Ha!
  3. Welcome Danny, plenty of friendly folk around here :)

    and yes, join us at homebush to practice your M.O.S.T :)
  4. welcome to the vtr250 club! =D>

    i got my l's 6 weeks ago and im having a ball. havent touched the car for a month lol

    you should come on saturday!
  5. Welcome to the "club" mate. Oh and dont bother to wipe that grin off your face .. it'll come back every time you ride!
  6. Hi all,
    Thank you for the warm welcome. I would love to come to Homebush tomorrow but have a bucks night cruise starting at 3:00 so it would be a bit tight. If time allows and am very organised(!) might come and meet you in Homebush and then just ride home. But next week if it's on I will probably be in.

  7. Hey DannyN, new myself to this site, however been riding for about 1 year. Just bought myself a 09 GSXR600 Pearl White sexy bike, check it out in the My Ride section for photos man. Great choice in bike ourself, great way to get your experience up too. I personally have always been into the Sport Bike look, my first was a Ninja 250R! Welcome mate am located on the Northern Beaches, if your ever around for a ride let me know!
  8. Hi gsxr6OO,

    Great bike, and thanks for the welcome note. Will keep it in mind. Spent the afternoon riding to Wiseman's Ferry through Cattai etc.

    Absolutely stoked!!!
  9. Should have let me know man, i just went local through to West Head, Akuna Bay etc, was amazing !!!! Still had the morning dew set, couldnt see a thing but was awesome. Be cool to cruise around sometime. Drop me a pvt msg sometime.
  10. Hey mate, I'm in Castle Hill, drop me a PM if you ever want to go for a ride.
  11. Congratulations on the licence and bike, if there's a meet up for a casual cruise I'm up for it.
  12. hey man, im local too, hit me up if you're ever up for a ride :)