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Hi from the Shire

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by adgee, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Go under the nick of adgee and you will find me hanging around SPM in Sydney a bit (specially Saturdays :wink: ).

    Ride an 05 636 on road and track and a K1 GSXR600 track only (well have been know to hoot around OP on a CBR250RR, but am sure no-one saw me :oops:).

    Always found this place a little daunting (bloody massive forum), hope to catch on some local rides soon.


  2. welcome to netrider, the crew up there host some pretty awsome rides
  3. Welcome adgee! you should come our regular Kawa Sunday Nasho run..PM me for details.
  4. Gday mate, hope SPM is going well (just got the sale brochure...little far from me now though :p).
  5. Welcome to the friendly forums Adgee :grin:
  6. Thanks guys (and gals :grin: ) for the welcome.

    Technik, evidently the forum system here requires that I post 20 times before I can send a PM??? Always up for a squirt through the Nasho... am guessing I can receive a PM...

  7. Welcome, Adgee.

    I hope we're not so daunting now that you've joined in.

  8. Welcome to the forum, :biker:
  9. WElcome to NR adgee