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Hi from the Peninsula

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Quivorir, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, been here for a bit now and posted around but never did this.

    My main reason for this is to ask if there is a board or a thread or something with the locations of riders?

    As I'd really like to ride with some people other than on the scheduled meets and such.


    Edit: Should mention im in Crib Point/Hastings :p

  2. G'day,
    I am not sure how long you have been riding but I am only new here too.
    The best thing I did was attend the Saturday morning session where I got to meet a lotta very nice people and you soon find out who lives where etc.
    It took no time at all to arrange with people to catch up with for a ride!

    Just a suggestion.
  3. Long way to come from Crib Point to St Kilda tho, especially for a new rider. Would be worth your time tho if you wish to make the effort.

    The Summary thread gives a great outline of the Victoria based events etc. Check it out.

    If you do decide to come up for the Saturday sessions, let us know. We might find someone coming from your way, or if not the entire way, perhaps you could meet someone along the way. I believe that one of our regulars comes from Pearcedale, so, you could meet along the way.
  4. There's no "rider location" thread afaik.

    You could post a new thread looking for expressions of interest in a ride around the peninsula - see who bites.
  5. ..and an excellent suggestion at that! I've just been to the Saturday session 3 times and have learnt a lot, gained riding confidence and met an excellent bunch of people.

    I live in Carrum Downs so If you can make your way down to the BP on Franskston-Dandenong Road (corner of William Road) OR the Hungry Jacks on Hall Road (Just a little bit before Franskston-Dandenong Road) which is bang opposite 'The Sands' - then I can ride down to St Kilda with you. Just let me know.

    I rode to Crib Point a few weekends ago and its a nice ride and not too far away from my place. Plus this Saturday is looking like an all-day-riding weather sort of day. :) Not that a bad-weather-day has stopped me from riding. :D
  6. Mate, welcome. Try getting onto the MPMC.com Great group of riders that are on the pen and do lots of different rides all year. Its the Morn pen Motorcycle Club. Lots of new riders. You'll have a ball.

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    Yeah, forgot about that one. Good work.
  8. some Netriders don't like to be too specific about their locations, for all sorts of good reasons, but there are heaps of scheduled meet-ups where the same people might be happy to divulge their locations face-to-face

    rock along and make yourself known, you'll be welcome :)
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I do wanna go to the Saturday sessions but yeah, a bit of a trip. Ill be goin for my first big ride to the city tomorrow morning so ill see how it goes then try to make some sats..

    Sounds good Lazy Libran, ill hit you up when I can go man.