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Hi from the northern beaches

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GazzaOak, May 1, 2014.

  1. Well, yeah, new guy..... i just say hello to everybody here....

    And yep.... passed my pre-learner test.... lol.... just when i joined this forum....
  2. Welcome, Gazza.
    I'm assuming you're from the N Beaches of Sydney? If so there's a fairly active bunch of us that do L friendly rides of varying length and intensity every month or so either North to Wollombi or West to Bathurst.
    Check out the rides and events threads and one will pop up soon.

    There's also a great group who hold basic skills sessions out at Homebush every Saturday - details here https://netrider.net.au/threads/sydney-learner-sessions-weekly.97506/
  3. ^^ what Womble said
    Hello and welcome, Gazza.
  4. Welcome to Nutrider!
  5. Hi and welcome Gazza :)
    The homebush learner sessions are really great, highly recommend going along
  6. Hmm, you mentioned that you live in scotland island..... do you take your bike with you when you go on the island, or you just leave it on the mainland??

    For both of you.... nice to see some northern beaches people.... im in avalon btw.... which is quite far from most things....

    I plan to go to the homebush thing if i get a motorbike..... im still deciding between a scooter and motorbike..... when i was at the pre-learner course.... i was alright overall and instructor passed me, but i seem to struggle quite a bit with gears, and starting off....

    And also the instructor said that i should go back to HART center and do their confindace and road skills course as well.... in which im considering doing....
  7. I have a postie bike for the island, the other bike (k1300r) has its own mainland garage away from prying eyes.
  8. Welcome Gazza, most new riders struggle with the gear, clutch, throttle co-ordination combination so don't make a decision on the type of bike yet. The HART guys are pretty good so perhaps do the confidence course and see how you feel then.
  9. ^^Wise words