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Hi from the newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dylan05, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    From Victoria, been lurking for a while finally decided to join, I ride a CBR 1000RR 2005 which has just ahad a colour change, do more track days than road riding now. Might see someone at the track.


  2. Hi Dylan, welcome to NR.
  3. Thanks for the welcome
  4. Greetings
  5. Thanks for the welcome, question how come I can't post a new thread yet? not enough time up in NR forum yet?
  6. where are you trying to start a new thread? Some of them are locked to members only I believe.
  7. Howdy! I think also you need to have a few posts under your belt before posting a new thread?
  8. Hi Dylan & welcome to NR.
    Just purchased a 2004 CBR Litre which is aimed at becoming my track bike.
    Hope to see you 'out there' sometime.
    Enjoy the forum.
  9. I sorted membership out yesterday got my number and all that so I guess that I just have to wait until the registration goes through I guess
  10. I'm only allowed out to play at the track once a month, I had broadford on the 6th March the Island is next on the 5 April, my bikes white now just did a respray, you'll recognise me...All the gear...no idea!!!
  11. Hi and welcome to NR
  12. Thanks mate, see that your closeby, might see you out and about
  13. There are quite a few of us cose by. Monday coffee night at Williamstown is always a good night and a good way to meet a few people.